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I bought a lot but the developer said they are having issues with title transfers. Why?

This is is a message from a good friend who bought land only properties in the Visayas. She and her husband bought a property and paid in installment for 5 years. Now that they have finished paying for it already, the developer said that they are having problems transferring the titles to them. Now she’s […]

I decided to cancel my purchase, why can’t I get a refund?

Real Estate purchases are big purchases that require careful planning and budgeting. Whether you like it or not, the process of getting one is not as easy breezy like how movies and tv shows sell it.  And you’ll go through the same hassle if you choose to cancel or discontinue the purchase of a property, […]

How Much Rent to Charge a Condo for Rent?

Investing a property is a smart move for any real estate property owner. It is one way to turn your sitting real estate property to good use and become an income generating asset. The most viable properties are condominiums and apartments located in the major cities like Metro Manila, Cebu City, Davao City, and Cagayan […]

How to Spot A Reliable Real Estate Developer?

If we say Real Estate Developer, it is a company that develops/builds the subdivision or building. There’s a lot in the market today, and although there are prominent or known real estate companies today, they are also new ones that could make a difference in the real estate industry. Real estate investment is one of […]

A Pet Lovers Guide to Pet-Proofing Their Space

We all know how much joy and love pets bring into our lives. Unlike humans, the needs of pets in a living space are quite different. It can be tricky to consider once moving in, which is why we wanted to give you quick tips that you can remember before moving in. 1.) Make sure […]