Let’s Get Creative: Tips on How to Add Personality into Your Space

Nothing says originality like a personalized living space. It’s easy to base off your design inspos from sources on the internet, but it is quite difficult to identify a style you can truly associate with. We gathered a few tips on how to find your style and implement it into your home. This will furthermore […]

10 Worst First-time Homebuyer Mistakes

Are you gearing up to buy your first place? Shopping for a home is exciting, exhausting and a little bit scary. Your aim is to end up with a home you love at a price you can afford; but unfortunately, many people do things that prevent them from achieving the dream. Arm yourself with these […]

Is Childproofing Your Home Necessary?

Childproofing, also known as baby proofing, refers to a series of precautionary measures that parents do in order to make an environment safe for babies and children. It considerably reduces the risks of injury to acceptable levels for parents. One of the important question is if childproofing your home necessary? Whether you hire a professional, or childproof […]

Creative Ideas for Your Balcony

Wondering how to maximize the use of your balcony? Whether it is large or small, this additional outdoor space should be used to your advantage.  Here are some great ideas on what you can do with your balcony: Enjoy the View If the balcony of your condominium unit offers a great view of the skyline, you might actually […]

10 Projects in Cagayan de Oro City that you should invest in

With Cagayan de Oro ’s non-stop growth and development, undeniably it had captured the attention of the country’s biggest real estate property developers eyeing the city as a significant contributor in the industry. If you think you’re ready and determined to start a long-term quest for financial freedom, here’s a list of top projects that […]