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3 Day Travel Itinerary Around Iligan City

Iligan City is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls because of the numerous waterfalls located within its area. There are about 23 identified waterfalls in the city and it is the main reason why it has become a travel destination for those who love outdoors. It is home to the famous Majestic Waterfalls, Ma. Cristina Falls, […]

Detailed How To Get To Iligan City Guide

Iligan City is a highly urbanized city in the Northern Mindanao. It is geographically within the province of Lanao del Norte but administered independently from the province. After the passage of Republic Act 9724, it is separated from the first congressional district of Lanao del Norte to form its own congressional district. Here is a helpful […]

PROJECT WATCH: The Mindanao Railway Project Expected to Start Next Year

The proposed Mindanao Railway System project, identified as one of the top priority infrastructure projects under the Duterte administration, is set to start construction next year.  The National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Secretariat has been ordered to complete the feasibility study for the most viable segment of the railway so it can be approved by the […]

Living Inside Your Own Dream

Measuring success is subjected to every person’s perception. For some people, success equates to landing a good-paying job or saving a significant amount of money in the bank. Sometimes, doing whatever he or she wants without anyone stopping them can be considered a success. Or perhaps, happily living together with your family in the house […]

Tagum City Real Estate Developments

Whether for business, retirement, or just a place to live, Tagusm City has been attracting new settlers in recent years. This provincial capital, which is often overshadowed by its more popular neighbor, Davao City, is proving itself as one of the most livable cities in the Philippines. With this economic boom and growth experienced by […]

What Makes Tagum City One of the Best Places to Retire

  Tagum City was named as one of the best places for foreigners to retire in the Philippines. The capital city of Davao del Norte province, although has been overshadowed by the larger and more popular Davao City, has been attracting more expats in recent years. What makes this city a gem for investors and […]

General Santos | Pasalubong other than Tuna

Pasalubong is a Filipino culture of giving gifts to people or family who meet you after being away or going to another place for some time. Coming from the word “salubong” which means meet. I am just certain that when you learn someone came from General Santos for a vacation, you would immediately think of […]

General Santos Upcoming Real Estate Developments

Pre-selling subdivision projects in Gensan One of the up-and-coming cities of the Philippines, General Santos, or “ GenSan ” as locals refer to call it, is looking beyond the tuna industry to be more competitive. In anticipation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Integration, Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera urged local investors to consider […]