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7 Filipino Youtube Channels to learn Home Design and Renovating Tricks

If you enjoy watching home design Youtube videos, budget home makeovers, DIY decors, or anything related to home renovations, then these Filipino YouTubers are definitely the perfect people to follow!  In today’s digital era, online video platforms such as Youtube have become home to the world’s up-and-coming influencers and vloggers. As easy as one-two-three, you […]

13 Superstitions That Are Considered Bad Luck to Filipino Homes

Let’s admit it. No matter how modern or civilized we consider ourselves to be, superstitions (or pamahiin) are part of our day to day lives. From the moment of birth, adulthood, to death and even to afterlife, many of us still believe in these things even though the Philippines is known to be a religious […]

5 Budget-Friendly Makeover Ideas for the Small Balcony

In this time of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, we value the time we are able to stay outside. The balcony could be the closest we can have to the ‘outside world.’ If your balcony is a place used as a storage or utility area, then perhaps it’s time for a quick makeover. The balcony is […]

The Top 3 Costs of Owning a Home

Everyone dreams of having a house they can call their own. Having their own space to decorate it the way they wish and having a home that they will always have the final say on everything. Buying a house is a goal for every Filipino family and who wouldn’t want to have a property under […]

7 Kitchen Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Having spent much more time preparing your meals at home during the quarantine season, you might have considered updating your kitchen. You don’t really need a deep pocket to give your space a fresher look. In this blog post, we have compiled 7 ways to upgrade the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank: […]

5 Places to Add Backlighting in Your Home

Backlighting is one of the popular home interior designs nowadays. People were kind of fascinated with the backlight accent that adds an element of mystique and drama of a room or a decor. However, not every area of your home needs backlighting as every other. Although its function is purely aesthetic, backlighting offers an amazing mood-boosting […]

[Kitchen Organization] 5 Ways to Create Open Pantry Space in your Home

The “new normal” calls for us to stay at home as much as we can and if possible, minimize supply runs. This means we need to stock up on food and other essentials, which means we need more storage space. One way to create space without having to do major home renovations is having open […]

7 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas You Can Do in a Weekend

For most of us, we have been spending a lot more time inside our homes for the past few months. If you have become bored with your space, it may be the best time to change things up a bit. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up some easy, budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom […]