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Pros and Cons of Building a New House

Being in quarantine has had us thinking of building our dream houses, where we can comfortably stay in over an extended period of time — a quarantine-friendly home, so to speak. While it does sound like a dream to build your own house, but there are some very real-world disadvantages. In this blog post, we’ll tackle the pros and cons of embarking on a construction project.

How to find the ideal home for starting or growing family needs

Whether you are starting a family, expecting another child or simply upgrading your home to fit your family’s needs, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a home for a growing family. There are things that your family needs in order to have a comfortable lifestyle. And this included looking for a new home to fit everybody’s needs. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind and here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Tips to help you find a superstar real estate agent

Looking into buying a house or a property? The real estate industry and the property purchasing details can be overwhelming for first-time property buyers. Which is why a real estate agent can be helpful when it comes to getting the right information and helping advise before any actual purchase. But how will you know if the real estate agent you’re working with is a perfect match for you and your needs? Here is how to find the best real estate agent for you!

Buying a condo? Helpful tips before making that big purchase

A condominium is a building containing individually owned apartments. They system of ownership is having a full title of the individual unit or apartment. It has some advantages like location as condominiums are usually developed in a bustling part of a city. If you are thinking of buying a condominium to live closer to your […]

The Appeal of Smaller Homes to Millennials: 3 Reasons Why the Younger Generation Opt for Tiny, Minimalist Spaces

Millennials are the present and the future. They are a driving force in society; they shape and usher in new trends as well as prevail in the working class. In the Philippines alone, millennials comprise a third of the population, with many of them have established careers. Naturally, with a career on the rise, they […]

Can I use Maceda Law, if I stopped paying my Loan?

I have been receiving private messages from different people asking about the article which was posted in this blog about Maceda Law. [Click here to read about Maceda Law] A common practice today is for the developers to require only the equity to be paid in installments. This equity or also called “down payment”, varies […]

How Do You Know if You are Ready to Buy a Property? [7 Financial Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a House]

Buying a house is every Filipino family’s dream. We feel more settled when we have a home we can proudly call our own. But buying a house is a BIG financial commitment. Many factors should be considered before making this long-term, life-changing decision. If you’re wondering if it’s time for you to dive into home […]

Why Real Estate Is a Good Investment Option Despite a Crisis

Wanting to invest but not sure which investment option to choose? Or wanting to get a real estate investment but doubtful with the current health crisis? The question is not “should you get into real estate today?” but “why is real estate a good option?”. Below are some helpful factors to help you decide why […]