Real Estate 101 (75)

I decided to cancel my purchase, why can’t I get a refund?

Real Estate purchases are big purchases that require careful planning and budgeting. Whether you like it or not, the process of getting one is not as easy breezy like how movies and tv shows sell it.  And you’ll go through the same hassle if you choose to cancel or discontinue the purchase of a property, […]

How Much Rent to Charge a Condo for Rent?

Investing a property is a smart move for any real estate property owner. It is one way to turn your sitting real estate property to good use and become an income generating asset. The most viable properties are condominiums and apartments located in the major cities like Metro Manila, Cebu City, Davao City, and Cagayan […]

How to Create Space

I NEED SPACE: TIPS ON HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LIVING SPACE One of the most challenging parts about moving in to a rental or a new home is utilizing the space. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to making the most out of your living space […]

How to organize your Pantry

Let’s face it, the most used-up storage space in a home would be the pantry. We’ve all been guilty as charged of storing up pantry items that have been collecting dust for ages! It’s always good to declutter your storage spaces regularly to avoid food spoilage and any kind of pest problem. Here are a […]

3 Ways Millennials Can Invest in Real Estate

Making money through real estate investment is not only for the established baby boomers. Millennials can certainly get in on the action too! Here are 3 common ways the younger generation can invest in real estate: 1. Buy a property on your own. Buying a home to rent out is a great way to have […]

Here’s How to Choose the Best realtor

Choosing a realtor can be intimidating and difficult. You’re trusting someone with what may be your first ever real estate purchase of your life and you want to make sure that this lies in the best hands. We want to make sure you know what to look for when choosing your realtor and the things […]

How to create a demand letter to Real Estate Developers

If your efforts to talk out your problems fail and you decide not to mediate, your next step is to send your adversary a letter. Many courts require you to make a formal demand for payment. But even where writing a legal demand letter isn’t legally expected, there are two reasons why doing so makes […]

Tips for first-time investor

Should I buy? Can I afford it? Will the investment pay off? These are common questions raised by the first-time investor who aims to secure financial future and increase wealth. However, before taking the leap into the market, try to consider and think about few things beyond choosing what’s the best property price, color or […]