5 Color Combinations Perfect for Your New Condo

Choosing the right colors is perhaps one of the most important decisions you need to make when sprucing up your new condo. Color has the power to can completely transform a room.  If you have a tight space, clever use of colors can trick the eyes to make it appear bigger.  

While white generally makes any room seem larger as it reflects light and has the effect that makes walls go away, white certainly isn’t the only answer. Here are some perfect color combinations to use in small spaces:



Soft Blues and Grays

Subtle but artistic, neutral colors like soft blues and gray are a great choice for the walls of small condominium units. Warm gray combined with the coolness of blue creates the perfect balance for a relaxing space.

If you feel this color palette a little bit washed-out for your taste, you can add some bright decoration items to it  — pink cushion, a yellow vase or a little brown furniture.

color combinations for condominium | blue and gray



Citrus Tones and Blue

Yellow is a beautiful color for tiny rooms if used in the right shade. Don’t go too yellow. Use neutral yellow such as a subtle shade of lemon, soft banana, or a pale creamy yellow. This works best with a darker contrast.

condominium color combinations | blue and yellow



Cool Blue and Green

Blue and green impart brightness and depth. These cool colors are often perceived as receding or being further away, creating the illusion of distance. Consider sea-foam green or a soft, calming teal. Combined with white and gray/black, this color scheme makes a relaxing sanctuary of your space.

condominium color combination | teal and white



Pastel and Beige

Get in touch with your feminine side and incorporate pastel hues in your condominium unit. Pastel hues brighten any space, making it appear bigger. Consider light pink, mauve, peach, and lilac or lavender.  Keep things interesting and combine it with neutral colors like tan, beige, or cream.



Black and White

Of course, nothing beats the classic black-and-white combo. White makes the perfect backdrop for a small space because of its versatility. It pretty much goes with anything.  With a few bright hues here and there, your condominium unit can be easily transformed into an airy modern space that feels bigger.

condominium color combination | black, gray and white


Just because space is small doesn’t mean it has to feel small.  Brilliant use of colors can definitely help make the entire space feel larger.