Healthy Benefits of Indoor Plants in Your Home

One of the trending interior design as of current is indoor plants. You will find it in magazines, social media, and in your friends home there’s a plant or two in their indoor living space. Indoor plants in your home add color and liven up space and also has health benefits for the homeowners as well. Here are some of the health benefits you will get when you adapt and take care of an indoor plant in your home.

Natural Humidifiers

Instead of buying a pricey and expensive appliance to regulate air flow, you can do so with an indoor plant. These plants release moisture through what they call the transpiration process. It is when the pores on the bottom of the leaves releases need moisture into the air and humidifies it. Boston Ferns are natural humidifiers and look great around your home whether potted and placed in a corner or hanging from the ceiling.

Cleans the Air

Lastly is to trust that the air that you and your family are breathing at your home. To get healthy and clean breathing air, get some English Ivy. English Ivy is found as the number one air-filtering houseplant you can get. It is because it is the best at absorbing formaldehyde, and it looks good in a pretty pot as well.

Healing Powers

Most of today’s body products come from plants. Aloe Vera was known, according to the National Institute of Health, as the “plant of immortality” in early Egypt as it was used to heal wounds. It is used to heal wound and burns.  Today, people use it by rubbing it on sunburnt skin or burns to relieve pain. Aloe Vera would look good on a kitchen counter, and helpful when you need a bit of it to rub on your skin if you get into any kitchen accidents.

Minimize Allergies

Getting sniffles and sneezing fits due to dust is something we do not want. Surprisingly a few Spider Plants in your home will help ward off allergies from dust. Their leaves absorb allergens and in two days this plant can eliminate almost 90% toxins in a room.


When getting an indoor plant, do not only think of how it will look in your home. Remember that indoor plants can be aesthetically pleasing and beneficially healthy as well.