How Can Online Real Estate Portals Help Sellers, Brokers, Developers, and Homebuyers?

online real estate portals

The Internet is quickly gaining a greater foothold in the Philippine economy. E-commerce sites are aggressive in bringing products and services closer to consumers with tap of a finger. Filipinos are finding the delight and convenience of getting everything online—from booking airline tickets and hotel rooms to buying shoes, clothes, and gadgets. It has also become the home for online real estate portals for property listings, real estate tips, and updates.

Of the 100+ Million population of the Philippines, 40.7% of these are internet users. We can expect this number to grow further, which presents a huge opportunity for marketers involved in real estate.This is good news for licensed real estate broker, a property developer, an individual seller, or even a home buyer with the importance of using online real estate listing platforms cannot be overemphasized.

Benefits For Brokers, Developers, and Sellers

The cost of online platforms cost is only a fraction of advertising spend on mainstream and traditional media. In fact, a full-page, full-color advertisement in a major newspaper is up to Php400,000. Online platforms however are very targeted marketing with digital footprints that allows you to measure it’s success.

With majority of home buyers are also online users who start their home search online, there is a better chance for brokers, sellers, and developers to get discovered online.

Benefits For Home buyers

Before Internet was developed, finding a home for sale meant to drive around and look for “for-sale” signs, or engage a real estate broker and let him or her do the looking for you. This is inefficient—it, and also runs the risk of missing an offer that is both interesting and available.

With online real estate portals, buyers can easily check property listings available before deciding to get in touch with a broker. This narrows and cuts down the search to only the properties that meets requirements and standards. This saves a lot of time for both the buyer and the broker.

Benefits For Both

Real estate websites are not limiting and limited. This allows brokers, sellers, and developers to be as creative and comprehensive with property listings as possible. They can upload unlimited number of photos, write detailed descriptions, and upload visual post with videos or 360 photography tours. This makes the content more engaging, and better user experience for home buyers. The home buyer can get as much information about a property as possible, and can easily make their decision before they inquire. This saves a lot of time for both home buyers and home sellers.

Real estate platforms have become a centralized marketplace for everything real estate. Online real estate portals has become a virtual space for sellers to advertise, buyers to house-hunting easily and efficiently, and agents, brokers, and developers to communicate to their clients accordingly.

Lisa Marie is a founding member and blogger of Filipino Homes. She is a digital marketing professional who works online from home. She is the travel writer, and digital creative behind  Pinay Travelista and the homemaker, and housewife-in-training behind Life & Some Sorts.