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How to apply for a license as a real estate salesperson in HLURB

The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) announced a set of revised implementing rules and regulations (IRRs) for Presidential Decree 957 in efforts to promote safe and legitimate real estate transactions in the Philippines. Under PD 957 as amended, HLURB is empowered to register real estate brokers and salesmen dealing in condominiums, farm lots, […]

Is Condo Living For You? Pros vs. Cons of Condo Living

You feel like you’ve already made your decision but you are still bothered whether or not to take the leap of faith and purchase your first property, and if condo living is right for you. Worry no more, here are short, direct and precise pros and cons of condo living to help you decide, and […]

How to be a PRC-accredited Real Estate Salesperson

Under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines (RESA; Republic Act 9646), real estate service practitioners include Real Estate Salespersons, who are “duly accredited natural persons who perform service for, and in behalf of a real estate broker who is registered and licensed by the Professional Regulatory Board […]

Navigation Apps Must-Have When in Metro Manila

Going around in a big city can be daunting, especially if it’s a collective cities like Metro Manila. However, sometimes there’s no getting away trying to find and get to places with work, leisure, or even when visiting a family member. Here are navigational apps you must have on your mobile phones to help you […]

Can I still get a refund from a property I stopped paying for a year or two?

Refund, people had been asking me about refund. One of the reasons I received a lot is that “they can no longer afford to pay for the house/property anymore”. Well, in real estate, refund is possible on certain conditions and situations, and not paying loans is not part of it, unfortunately. We are receiving a […]