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How to create a demand letter to Real Estate Developers

If your efforts to talk out your problems fail and you decide not to mediate, your next step is to send your adversary a letter. Many courts require you to make a formal demand for payment. But even where writing a legal demand letter isn’t legally expected, there are two reasons why doing so makes […]

Tips for first-time investor

Should I buy? Can I afford it? Will the investment pay off? These are common questions raised by the first-time investor who aims to secure financial future and increase wealth. However, before taking the leap into the market, try to consider and think about few things beyond choosing what’s the best property price, color or […]


When moving in to a new apartment or rental, it’s always important to take into consideration the amenities that are included in this new space. Before signing the deal, it’s always best to check the apartment and run through everything to test the functionality and durability of these amenities. Luckily, the guys over and […]

5 Kickstarter Tips on Decluttering Your Space

Let’s face it, decluttering your space is one of the most stressful things to do especially if you’re not quite sure what to let go and what to keep. The team at wants to ensure that you know where to begin! Like our previous blog posts, we thought it would be easier to list […]

10 Projects in Cebu that you should invest in

Cebu City opens the year with a blast after the concluded long-Christmas holidays, the hype is still on after the “Sinulog Festival 2018” pronounced as “See-noo-log” meaning “like the movement of water currents”. And like a strong undercurrent that can grip you, the Queen City of the South continues to stand firm as it boasts […]