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Can I use my company life insurance to pay for my housing loan?

Company Life Insurance or a Group Life Insurance is a security on employees’ lives that is owned by the employer, with benefits payable either to the employer or directly to the employee’s families. Group Life Insurance was originally purchased on the lives of key employees and executives by a company to hedge against the financial cost […]

5 Loft Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

The biggest challenge with a small bedroom is limited space,  which naturally obstructs the overall room layout and management. Our bedroom should be placed to switch off and relax after a day’s work. A comfortable and spacious bed is a must to set up our sanctuary, but the bed and ‘our stuff’ usually fill the […]

Can I get a refund using MACEDA LAW, if I stopped paying my bank loan?

Republic Act No. 6552 or the Realty Installment Buyer Protection Act, more commonly known as the Maceda Law deals primarily with one’s rights as a real estate investor or a real estate buyer paying in installments. It also describes the rights of a buyer defaulting in payments for such purchases. Most of the time, we get inquiries […]

7 Real Estate Developments in Cavite

Cavite is located on the southern shores of Manila Bay in the Calabarzon region on Luzon island. Situated 21 kilometres southwest of Metro Manila, it is one of the most industrialized and fastest growing provinces in the Philippines. It has also become one of the preferred province to build a home and raise a family. […]

Can an OFW buy a property while outside the Philippines?

Yes, an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) can buy a property while outside the country. How? Purchase with the help of his/her SPA or Special Power of Attorney. An OFW can purchase property while he/she is outside the Philippines if he/she nominates a relative or someone he/she trusts to be his/her representative in behalf of his/her […]