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Benefits Of Owning A Rental Property

Benefits Of Owning A Rental Property It’s every Filipino’s dream to retire early and live a stable life with their families. Who doesn’t want to spend quality time with their loved ones? Even the most workaholic person would tell you that they don’t want to work forever. The thing is, a lot of Filipinos have […]

A User-Friendly Guide Before Moving in to your New Apartment

Moving in to a new apartment can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin? There are a lot of things to consider but here at, we want to talk to you about the basics and from there, you can start figuring out the rest. Moving in is all about patience and organizing, and if […]

Reservation Agreement, do you read them? Here’s why you should

Reasons why you should read the fine prints of your reservation agreements with the company.

10 Projects in Manila worth investing

As the Philippine real estate market caries the momentous year of 2017, thanks to the administration’s ambitious “Build, Build, Build” program as well as the robust growth in the Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sectors –as it vibrantly continues to bring positive impact to the Metro’s worth-investing projects built by the country’s biggest real estate […]

Smart Small Condo Design Ideas

Design a small space that are both functional and livable can be tough and there is no easy way around it. You will be browsing through magazines and on the internet for design ideas for small condo and you will still find yourself at lost. Look into the entirety of home, find areas you can […]