Are Real Estate Developers Allowed to Collect Fees for Community Benefit?

The answer is NO. But why are we paying for additional fees and maintenance in condominiums and subdivisions? If you count to check your receipts or invoice the monthly dues that you are paying for are from Homeowners Association Fees. Homeowners Association is a community built organization, created and governed by homeowners or co-owners of […]

7 Catholic Churches Around BACOLOD for Visita Iglesia

Visita Iglesia, the practice of visiting at least seven different churches on Maundy Thursday, is one of the most popular Holy Week sacred vows (or panata) that Filipino Catholics do.  And often, we take this time to enjoy a bit of a road trip with the family. If you are planning to do a Visita […]

7 Catholic Churches in DAVAO CITY for Visita Iglesia

Here in the Philippines, Catholics usually practice Visita Iglesia, visiting at least seven different churches on Maundy Thursday. If you are planning to be in Davao City for Holy Week, here are seven churches that you might want to include in your list: 1. St. Mary of the Perpetual Rosary Church (Buhangin Shrine)  Buhangin-Cabantian Road, […]

7 Catholic Churches in PAMPANGA for Visita Iglesia

Holy Week (or Semana Santa or Mahal na Araw) is upon us once again. One of the activities Catholics do during Maundy Thursday is Visita Iglesia, also known as The Seven Churches Visitation.  We go on a church pilgrimage and visit 7 Christian sites or parishes. If you’re up for a road trip to Pampanga this Holy […]

Schools/Universities Offering BS Real Estate Management in LUZON

In efforts to professionalize the real estate sector in the Philippines, the Real Estate Service Act (RESA) requires applicants seeking to be registered and licensed as a real estate service practitioner, except a real estate salesperson), to undergo a licensure examination. One of the requirements to be admitted to the examination for real estate service […]