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7 Signs that you should not buy a Property Now

 The Philippines property market is at high right now. With the build build build program of the government, good governance and good credit ratings of the country, many were encouraged to invest. And that means investing in the Philippines. More investments came in thus more jobs are being offered and more people are getting their […]

What to Prepare Before Moving into Your New House

Moving into a new house or apartment is something that most of us will eventually do, if not several times in our lives. It can be a very exciting time but it’s important to try to make these occasions as stress-free as possible. There are a few things that most people tend to leave until […]

How To Protect Your Home & Property From Flooding

There is no doubt that the rainy season has come and is upon us. The frequent rain showers, thunderstorms, and monsoon rain have made our days gloomy for the past few weeks. Here are helpful tips on how to protect your home & property from flooding and to stay dry during this rainy season!

How to Increase Your Property’s Value

Keep these tips on how to increase your property’s value if you decide to put your home on the market or simply want to increase its value a little quicker

Best Cities to Invest in Rental Housing for Millennials

Cities attract more renting occupants than anywhere else — but which cities can provide the best earning potential for you? Here are three best cities to invest in rental housing: