11 Modern Minimalist Home Office Design Ideas to Boost Your Productivity and Inspire Creativity

The “new normal” has many companies embrace a flexible work arrangement for employees. While it seems to be an attractive idea to be working from home and spending a lot more time with the family, a work-from-home setup can be a bit challenging. Household distractions could potentially hurt your productivity and creativity.

A dedicated workspace in your home may help you better focus during work hours. In this blog post, we’ve gathered 11 home office ideas to inspire you to design a work-friendly space in your own home.

1. Wall-mounted desk

Using a wall-mounted desk design leaves the floor less cluttered with the absence of desk legs. Just keep your wires hidden and your office space clean to maintain a minimalist aesthetic.

2. Folding desk

A folding desk setup is a great solution when your home office is within a living room or bedroom. It closes up to conceal work equipment when not in use.

3. Office in a closet

With all the decluttering you’ve been doing during quarantine, you may have freed up an area in your closet. You can easily convert this space to a home office with ample storage for your office supplies.

4. Functional wall

A corkboard wall provides a spot to pin some notes and reminders. You can also put in some inspirations to let your creativity flow freely.

You may also opt for a whiteboard or dry-erase wall

Or a chalkboard wall to keep you organized and on track with your task list and goals.

5. Ghost chair

A clear acrylic chair in your home office makes an ideal minimalist choice, as it “disappears” out of sight, making your space appear a little larger and roomier.

6. Under the stairs

You can also create a dedicated home office space under your stairs. 

7. Storage space options

Here’s a brilliant small space solution: Use a basic floating shelf as desktop and overlap it to a storage unit.

8. Window sill desk

You don’t have to spend your work hours facing a wall. You can put your worktop across a window sill. This will let you enjoy the outdoor views and the natural lighting more.

Bonus points if you have a gorgeous view outside your home.

9.  All-white office nook

Transform an awkward nook in the house into a dedicated workspace. Paint it all white to make the space bigger than it is.

10. Ladder desk

The ladder desk is a functional, efficient, and modern solution to set up a home office with very limited space.

11.  Tropical settings

The quarantine and stay-at-home directive had many of us embrace new hobbies, like gardening. Many had been transformed into “plantitos” and “plantitas” (or plant parents). Why not have an indoor garden in your home office? The calming effects of the potted plants could help you boost your creativity and productivity.

More Ideas:

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