2021 PH Real Estate Trends Homebuyers are Looking Out For

Beautiful and efficient spaces affects both mood and productivity not only in the workspace but also in the home. With the Covid pandemic still limiting the movements of people and the highly encouraged work and study from home set-up, our homes should be ready for the demands of the new normal. Here are the trends that people will most-likely look for in the finding a home in 2021:

Location matters all the more

With everyone at home and limited to go out. Having a home with a convenient location is something people would want to get a hold off. Not having to travel or commute to get to to the grocery shops, banks, malls, pharmacy, hospitals and etc. These matters these days especially to families who prefer to be in the the center of the city for its convenience. Some families may go for homes in the outskirts of the city. So subdivisions is a hot property as well. So families can be away from the busy city and have more freedom from the concrete jungle.

Spacious home for work/study from home set-up

With this pandemic, companies had set up work from home for their employees to avoid infection in the workplace. And while this is good, our homes are not set up to have home office or study rooms for the working or studying family member. This is something people would want to consider when buying a property

Plant and pet friendly homes

What the pandemic has given people is the chance to care for plants and pets while coop up at home. People have become plantitos and plantitas and have grown to love pets when the haven’t before. Having a home for the new family members is a considerations for these homebuyers.

Some bit of outdoor space

Having to stay indoors most days of the week can get pretty tiring and cabin fever can be a struggle to fight off. It is not a surprise that homebuyers will look for a little bit of outdoor space in the house they are looking. Even a balcony is a good extra outdoor space to fill up with plants and other whatnots to make one feel more attached to the outside world.

Online house hunting

Finally, online house hunting is a thing these days. People are browsing online from one property listing to another finding the perfect home they can call their own. These homebuyers are also looking for qualified real estate brokers and sales agent who can assist them and guide them in their homebuying journey. At Filipino homes, you will find numerous real estate brokers and sales agent in your area. All of which are professional not only in their dealings but very knowledgeable to the properties in the current market that would suit a homebuyers needs.