7 Clever Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

One of the challenges in any space is finding adequate storage. Here are some storage space secrets from savvy small apartment owners that will definitely come in handy no matter the size of your home.

In the bedroom

Use a platform bed. 

Elevate your bed for a couple of feet and take advantage of the space underneath. If updating the bed is not an option, consider purchasing some containers for your stuff and store under your bed.


Look for multi-purpose headboard 

Look for headboard with built-in shelves or hidden storage. It can also serve as your ‘bedside’ table to store items you need by your bed.



In the living room

Use multipurpose furniture.

Utilize the space under your benches to store your books. There are also ottomans that double as storage.


In the kitchen

Hang Your Pots and Pans.

Don’t forget the vertical space in your kitchen. Maximize the space by suspending pots and pans under the hanging shelves.

In the bathroom

Install shelves above the toilet.


Strategically placed wall-mounted shelves can increase storage area in your bathroom.


Under the Stairs

You can also cleverly add drawers on the steps of your stairs to store more of your stuff.


Behind the door

When you live in a tiny home, every corner counts. Utilize the space behind the door to install a tiny storage area.

Take full advantage of all the every space in your home. Fill what areas you can with items that can also hold your stuff.