5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Try

small kitchen design ideas | filipinohomes

Photo by huyen. on Unsplash


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It is often a place for the family (and friends) to gather, cook, eat, and share special moments together. When space is limited, it can be a challenge to create a functional and stylish kitchen. Here are some ideas to make the most of space you have:


Install an appliance garage.

small kitchen design ideas | filipinohomes

Keeping small appliances behind closed doors reduces counter clutter. An appliance garage is essentially a customized counter-top compartments specifically designed to house kitchen appliances.

Open Up Cupboards

small kitchen design ideas | filipinohomes

Tiny kitchens can easily feel boxy and closed in with overhead cabinets. Opt for open storage that brings the eyes up, making it look more spacious.  It also serves as a display space for your collection of dishes, kitchenware, pots and pans.


Go for Glass

small kitchen ideas | filipinohomes

Incorporate glass into your kitchen design to visually expand the space. Use glass doors or walls to let in more natural light. If budget is a little tight, try installing a glass counter or cabinet doors. Also, strategically place mirrors and reflective surfaces around the room to lighten up the look.

Use White Cabinetry

small kitchen design ideas | filipinohomes

If you prefer the more traditional overhead storage, replacing the dark cabinetry with white cupboards can also help make the room brighter and airier.


Visually Expand With Lighting

small kitchen design ideas | filipinohomes

Adequate lighting can help expand a small kitchen. A kitchen requires a combination of task and atmospheric lighting. Install pendant lights in the eating area and incandescent lighting underneath cabinetry.