8 Takeaways from TNC’s interview with FH Founder, Mr. Leuterio

Last October 19, Filipino Homes Founder Mr Anthony Gerard O. Leuterio was invited by The New Channel (TNC) on the 6th episode (Season 8) of #TheBigPicture via Facebook for a live interview session to talk about the status of real estate in the Philippines, its trends & challenges, and share some of his life lessons to real estate practitioners in this time of pandemic.

Along with Mr. Lloyd Luna, motivational speaker, author, TV host and entrepreneur, here are 8 key takeaways from TNC’s interview with Mr. Anthony Leuterio. 

TNC interview with Mr Leuterio

#1 Selling is ‘Not’ Selling

In any sales job, selling should never be the end goal. For him, selling is about relationships. Mr. Leuterio said that the heart of his job as a salesman is about helping others solve pain points and building relationships. 

He said that he never liked real estate before. Because he saw no value of real estate in the Philippines and agents are being looked down compared to that of in the United States. But later then, this is where he saw the opportunity. That if only he could establish a brand, a system and build a good VALUE for real estate agents in the country, he might be able to help a lot of Filipinos. Selling isn’t about how you talk, but it is about reputation and good will.

#2 Entrepreneurship is based on trust

When Mr. Leuterio was asked if there was a time of doubt or feel “burnout” along his journey, he truthfully said yes. Just like any businessman, he also has these moments. He said people have different attitudes and upbringings. Sometimes you lay people who aren’t abiding to Filipino Homes’ values and it was hard. He said Filipino Homes is open for free. You can use all the resources of Filipino Homes for free as long as you pay the company back with honesty. For him, the most important value every realtor should have is honesty. Because selling is based on trust. And for people to trust, you have to be honest. 

#3 You will never fail if you put God first

Filpino Homes is Mr. Leuterio’s one way of giving back to the community. For him, real estate business gives a high ticket opportunity for all the people to succeed. It paves a way for you to be successful even if you’re the most underprivileged or deprived. So, he invested in it and shelved out personal savings to set-up everything from scratch. He said you will never fail if you put God first and the business to the people. There are a lot of real estate organizations that always fail because they shortcut the process. They don’t have the right intentions. They didn’t do the right service to its people. If you do the right thing, God will always be at your back all the time.

#4 Be true with your intentions

Focus and work on your own progress. Never malign others just to get what you want. Never pirate other real estate agents from other companies. Today, so many Filipinos go into real estate. But many failed because their intentions are not true and sincere. If you want to have the biggest building, never destroy another building to make your building taller. Build your own, in the right way, the right mindset and the right ethics.

#5 Be on the right organization

Some organizations failed to give value to their agents and staff. It doesn’t matter how fast you climb if the ladder is leaned towards the wrong wall. Filipino Homes is built with a culture that values people. Mr Leuterio said, “At Filipino Homes, we never talk about other people. We never talk about other companies. We talk about enrichment. Life stories of our agents. That’s where we get our inspiration… We are an organization that believes in Value.” If you plan to join real estate, study your company. Know your organization deeper. Because if you’re in the wrong partner (organization), you won’t get the value you deserved. 

#6 Adapt or else perish

In today’s new normal, you have to adapt or else you won’t matter anymore. Real estate agents and practitioners have to be visible online. Almost everything now can be done virtually. 

As a matter of fact during the pandemic, Filipino Homes broke the highest sales record over the past 10 years. Mr. Leuterio himself was surprised that despite being the Philippines in a state of recession and most people cannot go out, many investors and homebuyers did home purchase. And the ultimate key of this was leveraging the online platforms. Being visible online. The world is constantly changing, and those who do not wish to be left behind must adapt and change accordingly. 

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#7 Take advantage of the technology

The beauty of Filipino Homes is that it’s adaptive to technology and digitalization. It is in fact a “Real Estate Technology Company” where it has developed its own softwares, apps, a website, and now the newly launched Philippines’ First Real Estate Online School FIRE (Filipinohomes Institute of Real Estate) to offer real estate practitioners platforms for learning and growth. Real estate agents should leverage technology we have now. He said that a lot of entrepreneurs start off strong with a concrete business plan and specific goals, yet get so caught up in daily tasks and end up failing. 

#8 If you want to be successful, have the right value

What Mr Leuterio learned throughout his whole real estate journey is the importance of Value. Because these values inform thoughts, words and actions. Whatever business ventures or decisions you make are a reflection of your inner values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards your specific purpose. Create more value in your organization. From your team, your staff, to your customers and stakeholders. But more than that is know your societal value