9 Studio Condo Improvements that Boost Property Value

With the trend of small space designs and smart homes, many young professionals now are lured towards condo living. A studio condo unit is an increasingly valuable investment option for young professionals who want to earn passive income. But when it comes to home upgrades, what studio condo improvements add the most value? 

If you want to jazz up your property value or consider putting it in the market, keeping these simple home improvement tips will definitely increase your property’s value in a few years time. 

Here are 9 Studio Condo Improvements to focus on:

Tip#1 Upscale your door

Want to make an impression? Why not invest in a keyless entry? There are smart lock devices or keyless entry system that enables you to enter your home with only a card or a pin code through Smartphone. This will definitely give you the “wows” from potential home renters or buyers. 

Tip#2 Paint Color Makes a World of Difference

Did you know that investing in quality paint job results in an average return of 141%? A paint job is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn more profit when you are selling your property. Applying a fresh coat with a trendy color of your choice can absolutely give your home a new look!

Tip#3 Invest in Security & Surveillance cameras

According to the survey conducted by Software Advice, security is one of the main deciding factors when considering to upscale a property. With this said, leveraging on modern technology would be a great way to increase your condo’s value. Invest in home security cameras and surveillance Systems that can be controlled remotely and get peace of mind 24/7.

Tip#4 Enhance windows for good lighting 

Good lighting can easily enhance a studio condo unit’s look and market. Honestly examine your windows if it needs to replaced with bigger ones to allow more adequate light to enter the room.

Tip#5 Build a “secret” storage

Functionality, not just design! Having too many wardrobes makes your home look too cluttered. Why not build a “secret” storage or multi-purpose furniture? You can also elevate your bed and take advantage of the space underneath. This could be a huge asset your potential home buyers may find appealing. 

Tip#6 Pick up a large, wall mirror

A large, wall mirror is a great addition to any studio condo unit. It’s highly versatile and works really well in different parts of your home. 

Tip#7 Invest in Smart Home Technology

A 2015 survey by Better Homes found that 64% of millennials are interested in smart home technology. Backed by data, investing in smart technology is a huge advantage that can surely increase a studio condo unit’s resale value. That will surely make potential buyers giggle and feel excited. Filipino Homes partnered with Lifesmart Philippines. If you are interested to make your home a smart home contact your Filipino Homes Agent and ask about Lifesmart.

Tip#8 Update Your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom can also go a long way in raising your condo unit’s value. You may want to consider installing new countertops and replacing the stained sinks and leaky faucets.

Tip#9 Make sure the ceiling and floor in good condition

Last but not the least, ceiling and floors. Remember that these two are the most important parts of any home because these reflect of who and what you are as a homeowner. Do a thorough cleaning of the tiles or get rid of that old, stained carpet. Replace plumbing fixtures and enhance the mirrors with frames and lighting (if necessary) and make sure they’re in perfect condition.