Advantages of Condo Living While on ECQ?

Living in a condo building with shared facilities and tight spaces during this Covid-19 health crisis can be daunting. Thousands of people living in one building and sharing common areas like hallways, lobby and elevators. It can get pretty difficult to be cautious in the time of crisis. However, there are factors which makes living in condominiums more convenient and safer amidst the health crisis. Here are the advantages of condo living while on Enhance Community Quarantine.

Ideal Location

One of the advantages of living in a condo is that most condominiums are located in prime locations and with access to shopping malls, department stores and grocery stores. This means that replenishing food or medicine supply during the quarantine is easier compared to having to walk a couple of blocks to the grocery stores.

Service providers & suppliers

Most condominiums already have a list of service providers and suppliers. This includes electricity, water, and internet connection. You do not have to worry about the service disruption because the administration will take care if there’s any.

Common area maintenance

While there are a lot of people living in a building for condominiums, common areas are expected to be maintained by the administration. This also includes cleaning and disinfecting the hallways, lobby areas, and elevators. You can expect disinfecting measures done in the condominium.

Easy information dissemination

Important information is also readily available collected by the condominium administration. To keep the residents free from stress and to address panic or fear, condominium administration does provide important information like hotline numbers readily available for the residents.

With over thousands of residents living in a condominium, it is easier for the local government to address should there be issues that will arise related to the health crisis in the area. It is also easier for them to locate the community since it is already well established.

Community dynamics

In most condominiums, you will find an online group or conversation thread by/with residents. There is also an opportunity to earn by supplying residents with food or goods. This will also come in handy during “pasabuys” where a group of residents can collate an order and can divide the shipping fees within themselves. It also decreases your exposure by limiting the times you go out to buy the things you need.