Attract Positive Energy Into Your Home This New Year

Every future homeowner has a vision of what their dream house would look like. You might have sketched or created a vision board with the floor plan, furniture lay-out, colour-scheme, and the decorations that you want to add to liven up your home. Planning a home design is always exciting but your home design should consider the energy it brings into your home!

Every start of the year brings the opportunity to freshen, redesign your home or to plan how to design how your future home would be to attract the positive energy into it and to your family. Here are some areas that you might want to work to bring & maintain balance to your space and attract only the positive energy into your home:

Entry Way

The home absorbs most of its energy at its entry point. It is the first & most important thing to work on if you want to attract positive energy into your home. Your entry point should be free of clutter such as mail, packages, house keys, shoes & even bags. Since clutter can easily pile up in this area. It is best to create storage spaces for the items you need in the entry way. A shoe storage is a great way to hide shoes and can also serve as catch-all for other items to keep this area neat & tidy.

Living Room

The living room is a space that is well-lived. Everyone converges & spends time together in this common space – that is why it needs to be clutter-free & tidy. You don’t have to display all your remote controls, magazines or even personal items in this area, even if you use those items all the time. Find a way to store them but make sure these are easily accessible as well.

This is also the best room to balance out the home using colours. Feng Shui follows five elements and is reflective in your colour scheme that will set a tone to the room’s chi. The imbalance in colours will also cause imbalance the energies around your home. Make sure to to have these elements balanced.


The kitchen is a very busy place and the best way to calm the atmosphere is to use lighter colour schemes. Whites, blues and greens can calm the busy energy in a kitchen. A lighter shade or coral and yellow can also be used by sparingly. Make sure that the dominant colour in your kitchen is white to make the space look bigger. Keep the kitchen counter clear and tidy up every time you use it.


The most important thing to consider in the bedrooms is the placement of the bed. The best spot to place the bed is in a commanding position where the bed faces the door, but not directly aligned to the door. When designing the bedroom or looking at a possible home, find the commanding position for the bed where the feet must not point to the direction of the door to prevent bad luck.


Bathrooms are said to leak energy out of the home but there are a lot of ways you can keep the good chi. Make sure to keep this small space clutter-free, use ambient & good lighting and make sure that it is well ventilated.

Whether you’re redesigning your home, buying a house, renting a home or looking for forclosed properties, these are some helpful tips you should take note to attract good energy and luck.