Find How Much Property You Can Afford

Finally buying a property of your own? Well, congratulations! You are one step closer to owning your “own” home. But before going through the purchasing phase, take time to sit down and have an honest look at your financial situation. Can you really afford it? Most people tend to overlook the most important factor when […]

The Appeal of Smaller Homes to Millennials: 3 Reasons Why the Younger Generation Opt for Tiny, Minimalist Spaces

Millennials are the present and the future. They are a driving force in society; they shape and usher in new trends as well as prevail in the working class. In the Philippines alone, millennials comprise a third of the population, with many of them have established careers. Naturally, with a career on the rise, they […]

Can I use Maceda Law, if I stopped paying my Loan?

I have been receiving private messages from different people asking about the article which was posted in this blog about Maceda Law. [Click here to read about Maceda Law] A common practice today is for the developers to require only the equity to be paid in installments. This equity or also called “down payment”, varies […]

5 Money-Saving Tips for Gen Z

Getting started with money-saving or the “saving habit” is the foundation of all financial success. If you are part of the Generation Z (also known as Internet Generation or “Post-Millennial”), it’s important for you to enjoy your NOW, but also not to ignore the importance of saving for the FUTURE. Whether you are in high […]

Why Gen Z should start planning investment now

As the Generation Z (or Gen Z) are now approaching adulthood and becoming an asset to the country’s labor force, it’s the time for this young generation to start thinking about investment. Known for their frugality and “woke minds” for the future, the Gen Z are actually more informed about investing than the Millennials. Investing […]