5 Places to Add Backlighting in Your Home

Backlighting is one of the popular home interior designs nowadays. People were kind of fascinated with the backlight accent that adds an element of mystique and drama of a room or a decor. However, not every area of your home needs backlighting as every other. Although its function is purely aesthetic, backlighting offers an amazing mood-boosting […]

Investing your OFW savings in real estate

One of the many questions OFW’s ask is how to build their family’s security and grow their money. Most cases, OFW’s look into real estate for substantial and long-term investment but have limited knowledge on how the real estate industry works. And while there are a lot of information available in the internet, one of […]

[Kitchen Organization] 5 Ways to Create Open Pantry Space in your Home

The “new normal” calls for us to stay at home as much as we can and if possible, minimize supply runs. This means we need to stock up on food and other essentials, which means we need more storage space. One way to create space without having to do major home renovations is having open […]

Buying a home? What to consider before buying

The whole home buying process is also a tedious process and can take from months to years. Not only do you need to financially prepare yourself but also mentally and emotionally ready as well. Below are some helpful points you need to consider before buying your forever home.

7 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas You Can Do in a Weekend

For most of us, we have been spending a lot more time inside our homes for the past few months. If you have become bored with your space, it may be the best time to change things up a bit. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up some easy, budget-friendly makeover ideas for your bedroom […]