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Choosing the Best Type of Condo Unit for You

Young adults these days are slowly moving into adulthood and experiencing independence to certain degrees. One of which is moving out of the “nest” to live closer to the workplace and also to be independent in both finances and survival. There’s nothing more than moving out from your parents condo buying/renting that screams out independence.  […]

Condotels Meet Investors Business and Leisure Objectives in the Philippines

Condotels Meet Investorsí Business and Leisure Objectives, Offering First-Class Amenities and Share of the Revenues

What Is a Condotel & Why Invest in One?

A condotel or a condo hotel is a real estate development which is legally a condominium but which is operated as a hotel. It offers short term to long term rentals and managed by a team of staff as a hotel would. A condotel has units that are individually owned and is under a property […]

Are You Financially Ready to Buy A House?

Buying a property whether an investment move or building a home for your family is a huge move that will affect your finances. It is something to be planned or well-thought of before making the decision. You need to be financially ready to take on the financial responsibility that comes when buying a home Are you […]

Your Condo View – Enjoy it While You Can

Downtown condo living, complete with easy access to transit, shopping, a short walk to work, no maintenance yard and best of all, the view. It was the birds-eye view of the city, the mountains, and the breathtaking sunset that sold you on the place – no one mentioned it was only temporary. What happens when […]

Highly Recommended Investment Opportunities in Bacolod

Bacolod is a highly urbanized city on the northwest coast of Negros Island in the Philippines. It is part of the Bacolod Metropolitan Area, which also includes the cities of Silay and Talisay. With the investment uptrend in Negros Occidental in recent years, which is expected to continue in 2019 and even beyond, it’s no […]

What To Look for When Condo Hunting for Your Growing Family

Looking for a condo is a big task in itself. Not only should you look into the exterior and what the development offers but you have to make sure that the property you will purchase is what you and your growing family needs. Here are factors you should consider and look for when condo hunting […]

Is Condo Living For You? Pros vs. Cons of Condo Living

You feel like you’ve already made your decision but you are still bothered whether or not to take the leap of faith and purchase your first property, and if condo living is right for you. Worry no more, here are short, direct and precise pros and cons of condo living to help you decide, and […]