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Pasalubong Items from Iligan City

7 Proudly made in Iligan City products for pasalubong Iligan City Fiesta is fast approaching. Diyandi Festival is celebrated for the whole month of September for the feast of St. MIchael the archangel which happens every September 29. And during your visit don’t forget to take home some pasalubong items from the city. FOOD Cheding’s […]

Iligan City | Homegrown Food Places

FOOD TRIP in ILIGAN CITY Diyandi FestivalĀ in Iligan City is fast approaching. Higalaay Festival in Cagayan de Oro City is happening over the weekend. And after celebrating fiesta in CDO hop on a bus and head on to Iligan City for their month long Diyandi Festival celebration. Iligan City is known for it’s majestic waterfalls. […]

General Santos | Pasalubong other than Tuna

Pasalubong is a Filipino culture of giving gifts to people or family who meet you after being away or going to another place for some time. Coming from the word “salubong” which means meet. I am just certain that when you learn someone came from General Santos for a vacation, you would immediately think of […]

Homegrown Food Places in Gensan

GenSan is everything TUNA. And when you talk about TUNA we thought of GENSAN and vice versa. It is indeed the “TUNA Capital of the Philippines”. But other than TUNA what else is in GenSan that we should try? Homegrown Food Places in GenSan is a must try. Promise! I’ve been to GenSan for quiet […]