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Weekend DIY Project Idea: Photowall

One simple way to bring style and personality to any room is by creating a photo wall or gallery wall.  This is the easiest way to display a collection of your favorite photos. Here are some cool ideas to follow

5 Inspiring Living Room Makeovers

Check out this list of living room makeovers to inspire you to have your own gorgeous space.

10 Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspiration

What better way to kill time wandering through the interwebs than hopping into Instagram and looking at some design inspirations?  Instagram has definitely become a beautifully curated destination for gorgeous photos.  I’d mindlessly scroll through the platform and daydream of my future home. To make my ‘efforts’ more productive, I’ve curated some of my favorite […]

7 DIY Bedroom Projects for the Weekend

Here are some DIY bedroom projects that can easily upgrade your favorite room at home

7 Best Plants for Condo Living

From naturally cleaning the air to reducing your stress levels, there are a number of reasons to incorporate plants into your condominium unit. However, with limited space and natural sunlight, growing and sustaining the life of plants can be a challenge. Here’s a list of sturdy, low-maintenance plants perfect for condo living.   Aloe Vera The aloe vera […]

Go Minimal and Make Your Condo Look Big

One of the challenges of living in a condominium is making do of living in a small space. Living in a small space can be a bit challenging to work around with but it is doable. A small living space like a condominium does not have to be restrictive. [Read more}

A Pet Lovers Guide to Pet-Proofing Their Space

We all know how much joy and love pets bring into our lives. Unlike humans, the needs of pets in a living space are quite different. It can be tricky to consider once moving in, which is why we wanted to give you quick tips that you can remember before moving in. 1.) Make sure […]

Let’s Get Creative: Tips on How to Add Personality into Your Space

Nothing says originality like a personalized living space. It’s easy to base off your design inspos from sources on the internet, but it is quite difficult to identify a style you can truly associate with. We gathered a few tips on how to find your style and implement it into your home. This will furthermore […]