Property Investing (13)

7 Signs that you should not buy a Property Now

 The Philippines property market is at high right now. With the build build build program of the government, good governance and good credit ratings of the country, many were encouraged to invest. And that means investing in the Philippines. More investments came in thus more jobs are being offered and more people are getting their […]

Best Cities to Invest in Rental Housing for Millennials

Cities attract more renting occupants than anywhere else — but which cities can provide the best earning potential for you? Here are three best cities to invest in rental housing:

New Projects in Cagayan de Oro City To Look Forward For

The Economy and Real Estate industry in Cagayan de Oro is on the rise as a number of development companies come to CDO and build their subdivision projects.

Tips for Millennials Who Want to Invest in Real Estate

The Philippine real estate industry is on the rise. While investment opportunities are becoming more accessible to young professionals, more and more Filipino millennials are getting in for their piece of the pie. If you’re part of the younger generation that is eager to invest in property, here are some quick tips for you:   […]

I bought a lot but the developer said they are having issues with title transfers. Why?

This is is a message from a good friend who bought land only properties in the Visayas. She and her husband bought a property and paid in installment for 5 years. Now that they have finished paying for it already, the developer said that they are having problems transferring the titles to them. Now she’s […]

I decided to cancel my purchase, why can’t I get a refund?

Real Estate purchases are big purchases that require careful planning and budgeting. Whether you like it or not, the process of getting one is not as easy breezy like how movies and tv shows sell it.  And you’ll go through the same hassle if you choose to cancel or discontinue the purchase of a property, […]

How to Spot A Reliable Real Estate Developer?

If we say Real Estate Developer, it is a company that develops/builds the subdivision or building. There’s a lot in the market today, and although there are prominent or known real estate companies today, they are also new ones that could make a difference in the real estate industry. Real estate investment is one of […]

Tips for first-time investor

Should I buy? Can I afford it? Will the investment pay off? These are common questions raised by the first-time investor who aims to secure financial future and increase wealth. However, before taking the leap into the market, try to consider and think about few things beyond choosing what’s the best property price, color or […]