Property Investing (60)

How Gen Z homebuyers are impacting Real Estate Market

Millennial is out, Gen Z is in! There is a new generation of home buyers and renters that’s coming to the real estate market and they’re changing the game! Known as the Digital or the iGeneration, Generation Z or Gen Z comprise those born from about 1996 to 2010, of which the oldest among them […]

Davao City Residential Property Market Report [1H 2020] and What This Means For You

Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. (JLL), the country’s leading real estate and investment management firm, has published the Philippine Property Market Report for the first six months of 2020. This comprehensive report highlights updates and key movements in the real estate market of the country, specifically the office, residential, retail and hospitality sectors of Metro Manila, Metro […]

Investing in Real Estate in Your 20s: Possible or not?

Investing in real estate in your early 20s? What? That’s insane! This may sound a little absurd, but investing and making money in real estate in your 20s is not only possible but also one of the wisest decisions you can make for your financial future. In fact, most real estate investors often wish they […]

Investing your OFW savings in real estate

One of the many questions OFW’s ask is how to build their family’s security and grow their money. Most cases, OFW’s look into real estate for substantial and long-term investment but have limited knowledge on how the real estate industry works. And while there are a lot of information available in the internet, one of […]

Buying a home? What to consider before buying

The whole home buying process is also a tedious process and can take from months to years. Not only do you need to financially prepare yourself but also mentally and emotionally ready as well. Below are some helpful points you need to consider before buying your forever home.

Should you buy a home during Covid-19 economic recession?

Covid-19 broke out early 2020 and it has been a few months being stuck at home with limited movements outside the homes. There has also been changes on work set-up as well has school set-up for the kids with everyone following quarantine restrictions. Covid-19 has definitely disrupted our life as well as our plans for […]

Why you should buy and invest in real estate property

Wanting to buy a property but not really sure if you want to make that purchase just yet? Not comfortable at buying a home or an apartment since you don’t see that you and your family don’t need it now? It is a long debate on when is the best time to buy your first […]

Why you need a Real Estate Appraiser in selling your home?

There could be a massive reason why we have a Real Estate Appraiser and why they have to get a license to perform this vital task. If this is not an important job, we do not need licensed individuals to do it. However, people are typically stubborn. there is this Filipino mentality that we’d opt for a couple of savings over obtaining what’s wrongfully right. There is this “tipid-system” that overpowers doing what should be done right. real estate dealings is one in all the normally abused transactions in this “tipid-system”.  Some sellers would prefer putting up […]