Condo Living: How It Feels Like Living in a Condo During an ECQ?

Covid-19 and the whole social distancing has got everyone inside their homes isolated from the world. For people who are used to going out to work, school, run errands or entertainment and leisure, being cooped up in their homes is challenging. How much more if you live in a building with a hundred to a thousand families living in their condominium units.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to living in a condo during this health crisis but despite the fears of getting infected because you share a number of common spaces with other strangers in your building, condominiuns are well-managed communities during the Covid-19 outbreak

Well-informed and well-managed by condo administration

Condominiums are managed by the admin. They care manage not only the cleanliness or security of the condo but also to help in information dissemination. You will find postings up on the condo bulletin, disinfecting solutions at the common area and some infection control measures in place. So you do not have to worry about using facilities like elevators or common space because the these are managed by the admin office.

Walking distance to the grocery stores

One of the reason why condominiums are attractive properties to invest is because of its location. Most likely the condos are developed and built within walking distance to shopping malls, department stores and grocery stores. During the ECQ, it’s easier for condominium residents to walk to grocery stores to replenish their supplies compared to subdivision residents that are located at the outskirts of the city proper.

Self-care at home

Isolation due to ECQ can add to stress during COVID-19 health crisis. It has been a tend of doing self-care at home whether it be a simple as taking vitamins and eating healthy to getting a self-haircut, pampering self with beauty products or even learning some new skills. These are some of the few ways people are doing to take the stress off and learn to take care of themselves more.

Learning new skills

Growing not only ornamental plants but plants for consumption has been an ongoing trend. This is true for condominium residents as well how did not take the limitations of outdoor space to plant their own vegetables from kitchen vegetable scraps in their balconies, drying cages, or even by their windowsills. People also learn new skills through online classes. Since most condominiums have good access to good internet providers, it is not difficult to stay online and join online classes to learn a new skill or two.

Small-scale businesses

Most condominiums have online groups where unit owners and/or tenants converse. There are also informal economies where people take the opportunity to earn by supplying cooked meals or food and other supplies. This means it is also easier for people to replenish their stocks or buy food if they are too busy with work.

Caring for the frontliners in the condo community

There are personnel who are working day and night to make sure that the condo community is safe and well-maintained. Most residents in the condo along with the administration have reached out and supplied these frontliners with food, face masks and even a temporary residency near or within the condominium.

Rental fee considerations

Most unit owners who had their units rented also understood the difficulty of the current health crisis and that the loss of income due to it. They gave discounts to their tenants or gave a reasonable grace periods when it comes to late payments.