Creative Ideas for Your Balcony

Wondering how to maximize the use of your balcony? Whether it is large or small, this additional outdoor space should be used to your advantage.  Here are some great ideas on what you can do with your balcony:

Enjoy the View

If the balcony of your condominium unit offers a great view of the skyline, you might actually get to take pleasure in the night scenery anytime you want by just taking a peek outside. There’s not much of anything else you need to have an enjoyable place to relax in after a day’s work. A couple of chairs and a built-in ledge would be enough.

balcony design ideas


Outdoor dining area

If space permits, you can have an outdoor dining area at your balcony. You can easily take romantic dates or family dinners to the next level!

balcony design ideas

Create a Personal Reading Nook

How about a private space for peace and quiet? A spot where you can curl in with your favorite book and a cup of coffee. Or maybe a place for reflection and meditation. Your balcony can easily be transformed into your own private nook.


Coffee area

You don’t need much to have your own little setup of coffee/tea area if you want. A comfy chair (or two) and a coffee table, and you don’t really need to head to the coffee shop to enjoy your cuppa.


Grow a Garden

Or you can just go ahead and grow a garden in your balcony. Make use of the vertical space. If you enjoy cooking, plant fresh herbs that will be steps from your kitchen when needed. Or if you don’t, your balcony can just be your tiny piece of nature.

balcony design ideas