Filipinos in Dubai and Why They Should Invest back to the Philippines Now!

Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates are migrants or descendants of the Philippines living in the United Arab Emirates. 679,819 Filipinos live in the UAE, of which 450,000 live in Dubai, and they form 21.3% of the population of Dubai.[2] Dubai is home to the largest population of Filipinos in the UAE,[3]followed by Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.[4] In 2007, Filipinos in the UAE sent more than US$500 million in remittances back to the Philippines. [Source: Wikipedia]

Why Overseas Filipino Workers Should Invest in Properties Now in the Philippines?

1. Real Estate Properties Appraises

You may always hear this from people but whether you like it or not, the truth is real estate properties appraises. You may start acquiring it at a much cheaper price today but as time goes, real estate properties are always going up. Houses may depreciation but land properties appraise.

2. Rental Opportunity

You may already have a house that you can call home but a second property will give you business. A business that if invested properly will give you profit until you get older. Rental business never stops.

It’s very beneficial most special now that tourism and development are really doing in the Philippines today. Not to mention Business World Online even declared the Philippines as the top Country to invest in today. [Source:] 

3. Inheritance (Ipapamana)

I bet as an OFW you wouldn’t want to work overseas all your life. You always think of your family and their future. And as we grow older we wanted to make sure that they will live even if we are no longer there. With properties, you can give it to them as inheritance and they can either sell it or use it to make a living like in #2.

Filipino Homes is coming to Dubai on January 25th to 27th for the Philippine Property Roadshow. Filipino Homes is giving Filipinos in Dubai an opportunity to invest back in the Philippines to benefit in the currently good running economy of the country. To know more about why you should invest properties in the Philippines today join us on these days at the Holiday Inn Bur Dubai Embassy District. The investment talks and presentation is free of charge. Please contact your Filipino Homes agent asap for free seats.

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