General Santos | Pasalubong other than Tuna

Pasalubong is a Filipino culture of giving gifts to people or family who meet you after being away or going to another place for some time. Coming from the word “salubong” which means meet. I am just certain that when you learn someone came from General Santos for a vacation, you would immediately think of the fresh yellow fin tuna that the city is most famous for (aside from Manny Pacquiao of course!). Well, the city won’t be named as the Tuna Capital of the country if it’s not rich with, what else but tuna! It is just very evident in the city.

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You will see tuna everywhere you go but the number one source of Gen San’s tuna products is RDEX, frozen or canned. When buying, try out different cuts besides the fillet like the tuna belly or tuna jaw (great for grilling) or tail (for frying or grilling). Also look for tuna chicharon available in two flavors: the garlic or hot flavor.


But hey, the city also offers other pasalubong items for your loved ones aside from tuna when coming from Gen San. What are these? Let’s see.

  1. RDEX Shrimp products

    Though known as a tuna store, white shrimp is one of their main products. They produce wide range of value-added products derived from tuna, shrimps and fishes packed in different styles and variants. Check out their shrimp popcorn, butterfly shrimp, whole shrimp with tuna spring rolls, braeded butterfly shrimp, head-on shell-on shrimp and the shrimp bomb. The shop  is very easy to locate. Just ask the tricycle driver to drop you to the shop in the National Highway.

    RDEX Shrimps

  2. Kablon Farm Products

    You will surely “bring home the best” when you buy something from the wide array of take home items from Kablon Farm. Their all-natural products are world-class both in quality and appearance and include tablea, fruit jellies, jams , juices in different or combined fruit flavors, plain or spiced vinegar, virgin coconut oil, chocolates and black and white pepper.

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  3. Trully Dried Fruits

    They have dried sliced mango, pineapple, papaya and a tropical mix. Their store is located in  TWS Ventures along National Highway.  

  4. Benevita coco sugar and coco nectar.

    Coconut sugar is  perfectly healthy because of its natural sweetness and low glycemic index compared to cane sugar. Coco nectar on the other hand is a thick honey-like coconut syrup that is also made from the fresh toddy of a coconut tree. Its perfect for pancakes, pastries and other baking needs. The farm is located in Barangay Sinawal. 

  5. Marinated flying fish

    Flying fish, locally called bangsi, one of the fish products you want to take home for loved ones. Half-dried , slightly spicy and has enough saltiness. This I honestly have to try, I haven’t tried this one yet. 

  6. Cresing’s food products

    Go for their rice coffee made from organic upland brown rice available in different variants. Mind you they have 3-in-1! You may as well check their corn coffee, roasted rice, lemongrass 3-in-1, and bagoong among others. I bought corn coffee the last time, the aroma is so tempting.


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Whatever product you take home for your family and friends, you are assured of it’s best quality. I remember, my last visit got me hoarding some of Cresing’s products and of course frozen tuna. I think I bought a medium ice box for it (lol).

In your next visit, don’t forget to bring home these products to your family.

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