How To Be A Productive Real Estate Agent During ECQ & GCQ

Covid-19 outbreak has halted almost all of the essential and non-essential activities in the country. The rest of the world is doing the same to curb the increase of Covid-19 infections. With the global pandemic, everyone is strictly encouraged to stay at home. Work, education, and nearly everything else is moved into the safety of the home. The real estate landscape has also felt the effects of the limitations of Enhanced Community Quarantine & General Community Quarantine mandated by the Philippine government. Property buyers who rely much on seeing the property to visualize their plans are not allowed to go out has halted their home-buying plans. Potential homebuyers placed their plans on hold and not sure how to move forward with their plans.

So how do you become a productive real estate agent despite the limitations of ECQ or GCQ? Below are helpful tips in making a sale online despite not physically see your potential homebuyer.

5 Tips for Real Estate Agents to Make an Online Sale Despite ECQ or GCQ

Update your listings

Since most homebuyers need information and visuals to imagine their plans to picture out their dream homes, it is best to update your listings. Go to your property listings and see what needs updating.

  • Update images that are pleasing to the eyes
  • Complete data that the homebuyers may need: Location, map, community features, landmarks near the area, lot/floor area, number of rooms, add-on & freebies, etc.
  • You contact details for when they need to contact you after seeing the listing
  • Create a virtual tour either with videos or images into your listing

Fix your social media profiles

Always assume that the potential homebuyer do not know you personally. That means you have to make a good and professional first impression through your online platforms. This includes using a profile image of you in business attire, posting relevant topics on your wall and be professional in your conversations on your profile or in other people’s profile. Remember that your online credibility is at high stakes. Remove any nonsense rambling or rants on your profile that your potential homebuyer may take these against you. Remember that people only deal with professionals and you want that impression on your profiles.

  • Make your profiles presentable and professional
  • Be professional in reply or connecting with people online
  • Remove and restrict yourself to posting rants on your public profile
  • Add you contact details so potential homebuyers can easily contact you.

Share real estate trends and updates on your social networks

To influence the network around you, start sharing real estate trends and updates on your profile. This will not only show that have authority in the real estate topics but it will also encourage them to read about the status of real estate despite the crisis. You want people to know why property investing is a good option despite a crisis. You also want them to read how the crisis did not affect the current market trend. This will not only inform them but may encourage them to go through their homebuying plans.

Contact warm leads and connect with potential buyers

Remember those people who sent you a message to inquire about a specific development or those who commented on your posts – those are your warm leads. Nurture these warm leads by connecting to them and starting a communication. You can send a link to a new listing you have that they might be interested. Make sure that you do not hound the or spam them with updates. A short message like, “Hey, I remember you liked a Cebu City condominium development I posted before. You might be interest on a new condo by (developer name) at (location).” would be subtle. When you get to the initial communication with them, learn where they are in the buying stage:

  • Are they interested but do not have the funds yet?
  • Are they interested at a specific location or type of property? If yes, what’s stopping them?
  • Do they have the budget and not sure what fits it their needs or their budget?
  • Are they interested but needs information about the buying process goes?
  • Do they have a timeframe on when to purchase (because of a timeline or raising the funds still)

When you know where they stand in their buying stage, you can easily give them the information they need. Remember to be always courteous and respect their answers and reasonings. They might not buy a property from you today, but they will surely contact you you had built a rapport with them.

Learn more about real estate online marketing

Real estate marketing is more than just sharing a new property listing to your clients. It is also following warm leads and nurturing these to eventually make that purchase. So this means you have to be well-informed about the new developments in the market, so you can easily endorse a new development to the right person.

  • Join webinars and product presentations online.
  • Read about the current real estate market trends so you can easily answer any questions or doubts shared by your potential homebuyer
  • Learn about online ad placement if you are really aggressive in online marketing. This is to target your potential homebuyer with the ads you placed.