How to Help Homebuyers Find Their Dream Property in Time of Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has caused the crash in the stocks market, closing off businesses, loss in income and job securities. How do a real estate broker or agent make the best out of the current crisis?

Update your online listings

Most people are in their homes right now and have plenty of time in their hands. Most of them go online to get information or stay connected with family and friends. That is why it is best to be visible online where the future homebuyers are so they can see you. Make sure you optimize in your property listings on Filipino Homes. Make sure you have complete information on the description and highlight the property features. Keep in mind that these possible homebuyers are solely relying on visual context while browsing through the listing, so make sure to upload photos that can make the property sell.

Keep in touch with existing clients

With the current health crisis that is affecting the economy as well, your existing clients will have a number of concerns regarding their transactions with you. Make sure to be responsive to clients who had inquired or are inquiring about a property. Explain to them how they can move forward with the transactions despite the limitations of community quarantine. Address their concerns about the Covid-19 outbreak and its effect on real estate.

Make it easy to contact you

Make sure your clients know what mobile number to call, email address to use, or official social media profiles to contact you. Don’t forget to update your listings with this information so your future clients can easily get a hold of you. Adding these details will not only make it easy for your clients to contact you but also add reliability to your name and listing.

Share property option

Since everyone is at home and has time to look for property listings, make sure that you share property options in your profiles and your network.
Interested homebuyers are looking for better deals in the market. You can send or share several property options to them through your Filipino Homes property listing. Make sure to offer them different products of various price points to meet different types of budgets and those flexible payment terms. Always encourage your clients to look through your listing, and if they can’t find anything they like, ask them the features they did not find in the properties you shared.