Iligan City | Homegrown Food Places


Diyandi Festival in Iligan City is fast approaching. Higalaay Festival in Cagayan de Oro City is happening over the weekend. And after celebrating fiesta in CDO hop on a bus and head on to Iligan City for their month long Diyandi Festival celebration. Iligan City is known for it’s majestic waterfalls. Iligan City houses 39 waterfalls according to locals, we have 23 of them visited and the rest are yet to be verified by the City Tourism Office. It used to be the most industrialized city of the South, but when the National Steel Corporation closed and so are the rest of the cement factories in Iligan City decreased their production and staff. Today, Iligan City is gaining back its momentum as the new president of the Philippines comes from Mindanao. To date, the Maria Cristina Falls of Iligan City generates power and provides electricity to the rest of the cities of Mindanao.

Iligan City is not only home of numerous waterfalls but a home of food destinations too that we consider only in Iligan City or first in Iligan.

  • Jacko’s Kan-anan

  • jackos kananan

    Jacko’s Kan-anan is a family owned business that is very passionate in bringing good food to Iliganons. Their best sellers are Crispy Squid, Crispy Tuna Buntot and their famous seafood bilao. Although seafood bilao is not really an original innovation, but they are serving the best tasting combo so far. My personal favorite is Crispy Squid.

  • Tita Fannie’s Liempo and Chicken House


    Tita Fannie’s is also a family owned business who introduced Liempo de Lechon, and Chicken Inasal. It’s liempo slab is cooked like a filipino famous lechon would having a crispy skin and tasty meat. Well loved by Iliganon. They are also famous for their Buko Halu-halo dessert. Definitely a must try.

  • Tedt’s Diner and Bakery

  • tedts

    Owned by a family of passionate artists who are very much committed to bringing gourmet meals, cakes and pastries here in Iligan City. They were known for their very delicious and artistically designed cupcakes and fondant cakes, now they have ventured into creating delicious gourmet ice cream and gourmet sandwiches. Their adobo pesto sandwich is a must try paired with strawberry cheesecake ice cream, a mango creme cupcake and Mango Django. Try it and you will surely forget your name! 🙂

  • Pizzarella Bistro


    Pizzarella Bistro is a game changer when it comes to gourmet pizza. They made it affordable and rich in toppings at the same time. The millenial owners of Pizzarella never stops creating new flavors that excites both locals and visitors of Iligan City. They are well known for its madcow pizza, which flames with exciting flavors. It’s a chili hot pizza that will surely keep you wanting for more.

  • Delecta Diners & Cafe

  • Delecta Diners & Cafe is known for their tasty and saucy baby back ribs. They serve the best baby back ribs in town. Served with unlimited rice. Their blueberry cheesecake is a best seller too. Don’t forget to pair it with their version of fruit coolers.

  • Dear Manok

  • When we say Dear Manok get their version of chicken barbecue, it’s their best seller and tastiest chicken barbecue up to date here in Iligan City.

  • Ams Chicken Haus

  • If you are looking for the best fried chicken in town, Ams Chicken has it. Taste like that of a famous brand which is originally from Iligan City too. Enjoy it in ala carte or served with rice.

  • Calda Pizza at the Strip

  • If you are fun of pizza like giant pizza, Calda Pizza has it. The owners of Calda Pizza are originally from Iligan City and are Iliganons. Calda Pizza however got famous first in Cebu City before they built a branch in Iligan.

  • Aruma Kissaten

  • If you are a coffee lover, like me, Aruma serves the most aromatic coffee so far in Iligan City. It’s a crowd favorite. Their white interiors and great staff makes people keep coming back. But their versions of coffee, pasta and cakes are to die for. Try their best selling bannoffie pie, aruma pasta and aruma coffee jelly. Those are my favorites and I know you will love it too.

  • B-Bu-Q

  • This barbecue house changed the standard of barbecue house in Iligan City. It’s clean, airy and well lit, compared to what the people are used to before. Their version of barbecue is something that makes you want for more. It’s strategically located along the Roxas Avenue where there is a huge number of foot traffic. The aroma of the barbecue makes you want to stop for a while and dine at B-BU-Q. They also have a branch along the food district of Pala-o Iligan City and along Permites Road in Tibanga.

  • Gloria’s Lechon

  • Yes Iligan City has the tastiest lechon ever. We will surely compete with other places with that. Our flavors are way different and our lechon skin still comes crispy for quiet a long time. Even lechon lovers would attest that we have the best lechon in the country. The stall is located at Timoga Buruun Iligan City. Right across Dela Mar Swimming Pools.

Visit Iligan City, most specially this coming Diyandi Festival and try this food places for a memorable trip in Iligan City. Don’t forget to visit the waterfalls and also swim at Timoga Spring Swimming pools.