Go Minimal and Make Your Condo Look Big

One of the challenges of living in a condominium is making do of living in a small space. Living in a small space can be a bit challenging to work around with but it is doable. A small living space like a condominium does not have to be restrictive. The number one culprit of making a space look smaller than it is is clutter. Sometimes we get to accumulate a lot of things in the home that take up floor and empty spaces in the home. This will result to cluttering up you home, and taking valuable space away from you. There are solutions to making your condo look big without doing renovations.

Here are some ways to make your condo look big with less clutter:

1)Invest in Multi-function Furnitures

Be creative and try to research on home items with multiple functions. Some of these items may come in large furnitures. Remember that having large but multifunctional furniture would be more beneficial in the long run rather than having several small furnitures taking too much space in the areas.  A good example for this type of home furniture is the ottoman which you may use as a coffee table or chair while being able to store your stuff inside. Furniture on wheels is also very useful since you can create space just by pulling them aside. Refrain from buying boxes and containers unless you are sure of where to place them and what specific stuff you intend to place inside them.

3) Less is Always Better

Empty or open space is very important to have when living in a condo. It will make the space seem bigger than it is and free up floor and open spaces to move your eyes around. Limit the clutter in your condominium. Learn to let go and do not get attached with things which you have not used in a year. Small items when accumulated will take up space. With a minimalist style of condo living, you will appreciate the lasting comfort and breathing space it will eventually create.

2) Keep the Wall to a Bare Minimum

Free space is also applicable in your walls and not just in floor spaces. Putting up too much artwork and photos will take away space from the wall. If you should decorate your wall, choose the best and relevant pieces and display them but keep the rest in storage. Compromise when it comes to decorating and be more organized to avoid cluttering up your space.

4) Do not fill up all the shelves inside your spaces

Always find ways to give illusion that there are more empty spaces around your home. Leave some room in the shelves that you set up to provide for an airy and more spacious feel. It would also be beneficial to invest a wall to wall bookcase since this technique will give an expanded space visually as if pushing the walls and ceiling apart. It will be both functional for storage, and aesthetically pleasing in design.

5) Avoid the Unnecessary

One of the challenges is accumulate less items for the the home, and keep things you own simple. Avoid using designs such as ruffles or large prints attached to your furniture and windows. Try to invest on smaller patterns or plain color fabrics and achieve a single and unified look to make the room visually roomy. Stick to these basic rules and be creative!

Condominium’s downsize is having limited living space. Dealing with a smaller space once you have decided to live in a condo can actually be more exciting than daunting. You can unleash the interior designer and artist in you by making your condo look big; express yourself while creating a more convenient living space for yourself and your loved ones.