5 Loft Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

The biggest challenge with a small bedroom is limited space,  which naturally obstructs the overall room layout and management. Our bedroom should be placed to switch off and relax after a day’s work. A comfortable and spacious bed is a must to set up our sanctuary, but the bed and ‘our stuff’ usually fill the tiny space. Thankfully, there are creative ways to keep your bedroom from feeling cramped and transform it into a place of calm and peace. Here are some clever loft bed ideas to maximize space in the bedroom:

Storage Loft

Who doesn’t like need extra storage? Lofted bed with cabinets, shelves, or drawers underneath can help avoid clutter in the bedroom. Raise the bed a few feet off the ground, and utilize the space underneath to stash books, clothes, and other essentials.

Office Loft

Even with limited space, you can create your home office. Set up a slim desk and shelving, some lighting, and a chair underneath your loft bed, and you’re all set to get down to work.

Loft Bed

If you don’t have the resources to build your own loft, there are loft/bunk beds available from IKEA, Mandaue Foam, etc. Find one that fits your aesthetics and budget, and utilize the extra floor space for storage or living space or reading nook.

Low Loft

If you have issues with heights or probably prone to falling, you can go for a design that does not have ladders. Consider a platform bed with extra space for storage underneath.

Bedroom Loft

If space permits, you can actually take your entire bedroom to new heights… literally! Create an entire lofted room and elevate your sleeping area. Add side tables, lighting, and space for your clothes. This layout will make your studio apartment feel like a one-bedroom unit.