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Divorce and Conjugal Property Ownership for Filipinos

Divorce is the most common option for married individuals who want to separate or break their marital bond. Next to Vatican City, only one country does not recognize divorce, it is the Philippines. And while this is the absence of divorce in the country is somewhat workable for some Filipinos, it is burden for others.  […]

Where to apply or request for Birth Certificates, CENOMAR, and/or Marriage Certificates Online?

In the past, Filipinos have somehow gotten used to going to government agencies early in the day to acquire the service they need. Fortunately, for a couple of years now, various government agencies have started offering their services online.  Applying and paying for civil registry documents (including birth certificates, marriage certificates, or Certificate of No […]

5 Social Media Sites for Real Estate Agents this 2021

Social media has become part of the daily lives of every Filipino. From the moment we wake up, to the dining, to work, and even the time we go to bed, social media just seems like everything. In fact a survey by Statista shows that Filipinos connected to social media almost 4 hours daily. But […]

Real Estate Salesperson | Do we have the right to choose a real estate broker?

Are you a real estate salesperson or are you planning to get into a real estate career? The first step to a successful real estate career is to make sure you are making the right decisions. Since selling real estate property without a real estate broker license is prohibited by the Philippine Law, you are […]

Bukidnon ranks 5th in the list of richest provinces in the Philippines

For the second consecutive year, Bukidnon has ranked as the 5th wealthiest province in the Philippines with total assets reaching P18.294 billion, according to the latest Commission on Audit’s (COA) Annual Financial Report (AFR) for Local Government. Based on the COA’s 2019 Annual Financial Report on LGUs, the province’s assets grew by P3.016 billion in 2019 from […]