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Asia Pacific Commercial Property Markets Slowly Rebounding Post Covid

CBRE’s latest MarketView and Investment Trends research report a steady increase in commercial property leasing and capital markets activity in Asia Pacific in Q1 2021. The commencement of COVID-19 vaccination programs and an improving economic outlook have contributed to this economic rebound. However, recovery remains uneven across the region, with the momentum in each country […]

Duterte signs law extending estate tax amnesty

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a law extending the availment period of estate tax amnesty for two years, or until June 14, 2023. Republic Act No. (RA) 11569, signed by Duterte on June 30, 2021, amended RA 11213. The Tax Amnesty Act previously set June 14, 2021, as the due date for the filing of […]

Tips for Negotiating Your Household Costs

When it comes to expenses on amenities and utilities for your home, you might feel like spending is unavoidable, but there are a ton of ways to save cash and put money back into your pocket. Simple negotiation tactics and strategies can help you save money when it comes to home expenses, so use these […]

Things you need to know about CLOA Title

CLOA or Certificate of Land Ownership Awards is the distribution and giving ownership of agricultural land to farmers. The Philippine government has won a co-financing program from the World Bank for individual titling of lands to farmer beneficiaries. These are certificates of land ownership (CLOA) under land reform into individual titles for the agrarian reform […]

Can Unpaid Credit Card Prohibit Me from Getting a Home Loan?

When planning to buy a house for your family or a property for investment, one should look into his financial status to make sure he can afford the purchase. Financial status is one of the major factors that allows you to purchase a property. Most lender like banks look into the person’s capability to pay […]