Qualities That Make a Good Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property, you will need a good real estate agent or a realtor in that journey. Forgoing a partnership with a real estate agent not only saves you a lot of time and effort but also allows you to gain significant insights that can help you navigate your homebuying process

However, not all realtors are one and the same. A real estate agent might seem like a very straightforward job, but in reality, it can be as diverse as each realtor represents. They all have different experience levels and expertise.

So what makes a good real estate agent? Let’s take a look at the top qualities you should be looking for that makes a real estate superstar. 

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Communicates regularly with client

Communication is key! One of the main indicators that make a good real estate agent is being proactive and how well they’re able to communicate. 

We know that the real estate market is time-sensitive, so you need an agent who communicates well and constantly keeps you in the loop about your current buying or selling situation. This helps keep you confident about the progress of the deal. If an agent is unresponsive and stays too long without getting in touch, you better get off and look for better ones. 

Highly knowledge of the local area

We always say this. In real estate, knowledge is power. A good agent must have all-encompassing market knowledge (in theory and in practice) which requires deep understanding of the location you are in.

Before proceeding to any transaction, make sure that you critically ask your prospective agents a handful of questions about the local area. Ask about the amenities, its community, the neighborhood, etc. Their responses will tell you how well they know the area and how honest they are in giving answers and recommendations. And we believe that this is something you cannot fake. If you’re keen on finding one, we have a list of approved Filipino Homes agents near you to choose from. 

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Good listener

A good agent is one that listens. The ones who understand your wants and needs. If you think your real estate agent blabs so much and is not taking in your requests, then better weigh things out. 

Note that an ideal agent should have a tendency to listen and ask probing questions before diving into conclusions. Good agents don’t make assumptions. They summarize and seek clarity especially when things are a bit confusing. Active listening in both parties builds strong relationships and reduces risk of miscommunication. 

Has a sharp eye on detail 

While a warm heart will help you with networking, you’ll also need a sharp eye for details. And we believe this is a must-have for every real estate agent.  A good agent is someone who has a keen eye for details especially on papers. He or she must be aware of those “little stuff.” Because these little things are what makes the big picture possible.

Puts client as top priority

This advice is heavily disguised for a reason. If there’s one thing that sums up the top quality you should look for an agent is their intentions. 

You should look for agents whose motivations come from their clients — what’s best for them, not theirs. After all, you’re paying them right? The best real estate agent should be able to give factual information, offer their honest opinion, help you make informed decisions, and someone who doesn’t over compromise. Make sure to choose someone who is willing to go the extra mile to find the best solutions for you.

BONUS TIP: Should be Tech-savvy

This is not new in real estate. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, this left us no choice but to shift going digital and be visible ONLINE. Being able to navigate the internet isn’t a just cool skill to have, but it’s a must. This quality increases your productivity and efficiency since you are able to achieve more in less time.

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