5 Design Ideas to Steal for Your Studio Unit

studio design ideas | filipinohomes

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

With the high demand for residential space in big cities in the Philippines, it is no surprise that the average condominium size is shrinking. There are studio units that are only about 20 sqm in area. But just because your unit is less than ideal doesn’t mean it has to feel like a tiny dorm room. Here are some design ideas to make your living space comfortable and stylish:

1. Lighten and brighten

studio unit design ideas | filipinohomes

One useful trick to make your small studio unit feel airier and bigger is to make it brighter.  Go ahead and maximize natural light. Clean your windows and take away items blocking the light. Use smart  color combinations and choose materials that are much better for letting natural light in. You may also need to add light where it’s needed.


2. Divide wisely

studio unit design ideas | filipinohomes

Open layout is very common right now. But if you feel like you need some sort of division between your living areas, go for dividers that are a little low and let light through. This can help create visual division without feeling too claustrophobic and choppy.


3. Camouflage your storage

studio unit design ideas | filipinohomes

One of the main problems with small units is the lack of storage space. But having too many wardrobes, shelves, and drawers may make your apartment look too cluttered. Work on ‘hiding’ your storage. Make use of multi-purpose furniture, like a storage box that doubles as an ottoman or use the platform of your bed as extra storage space.


4. Make use of vertical space

Don’t forget about your wall and ceiling space. Add hooks or pegs to your walls and hang functional and decorative items.

studio unit design ideas | filipinohomes

5. Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect natural light and bounce it around your space, making it appear brighter and feel larger. Use furniture with reflective surfaces as well to also cut down on the feeling of bulky furniture.

studio unit design ideas | filipinohomes