Tips for Choosing a Family-Friendly Community


There are a lot of factors that can influence a home buyer’s decision when purchasing a home. These can be proximity to workplace, school, and community services, access to commercial areas, and good public transport. Many young families who wants to purchase their own home are more likely to move somewhere that was better suited to families, but what makes a family friendly suburb? While the exact needs of every family will be slightly different there are some key characteristics to look for a family-friendly community.

Close Proximity to workplace and Preschools & schools

Working parents are more likely to want to find a home that is near there workplace. Apart from spending less on gas or for commuters fares, this will make work commute shorter so they can spend time with their family.

For those family with toddlers, or preschoolers, the toddler years quickly pass, so the availability and quality of local preschools and schools becomes important. The number of preschools and schools in the area also give you an indication of whether there are many families already living in the area and make it a family-friendly community. Having kids to play with in your street are also essential for the children’s growth, and having a peace of mind knowing the family of the children’s set of friends.

Access to community services

When you have children, you access community based services much more frequently than when you didn’t. The availability of maternal health centers, nearest emergency departments, and children’s park can give you a good indication of how family friendly a community is.

Local shopping and commercial areas

Keeping the family pantry and fridge stocked is much easier when there are local supermarkets and specialty food stores close by. Being able to go to a supermarket, easily find a car park and not have to venture through in a long drive to purchase your necessities is a bonus!

Good public transport

With working parents, and families without their own car, this is one of the factors that is considered when looking for a family-friendly community. As the kids get older, having access to public transport becomes important as it also helps build the children’s independence. Even if you don’t use public transport to get around, being close to public transport is important so kids can get themselves to secondary school, head off to school related trips or to hang out with their friends.

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