Top 3 Investments to Make This Year!

The start of the new decade is a great opportunity to make wise decisions and make the next few years count. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you have already established a career and/or may have enough money to set aside and wondering how to make money work for you.

There are a few things that you can do with your hard earn income – spend it, put it in the bank or invest it. The best way to use your money is to invest it and make money work for you. There will be risk when it comes to investing but the rewards and the financial benefits far weighs it. Here investments worth checking out & trying:

Life Insurance

Life insurance, whether you’re single, married, a single parent or still living with your parents, is important. The best time to securing life insurance is before you get married, before you have kids or when you’re starting or growing your family. This gives you the peace of mind that your family will have the financial support in case of untoward incidents in the future. The good thing about insurance policies is that it can also serve as an investment component like a mutual fund with cash values places in different products depending on your financial objectives and risk attitude. This allows you to earn more than what is projected in your policy.

Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF)

Unit Investment Trust Fund is simply explained as funds from different people facilitated by the bank to be used for different products. These products can be stocks, bonds, or government securities. Buying  UITF means you own units of the fund, so when the market goes up, the funds increase as well.  There are professional fund managers doing the work on your behalf. The only thing know is which UITF works best for you. There are different UITF and the one suitable for you depends on how aggressive you are as an investor, this is the investment most suitable for you. The banks will help you determine your investment personality through questionnaires for an informed & comfortable fund purchase.


Real estate property is an increasingly valuable investment option for the young professionals especially for the overseas Filipino workers. The reason why it is an attractive investment is because property appreciates in value over time. If you purchase a properly at two million pesos, the chances of its value doubling or tripling after five to ten years is high. If you and your family is not using the property you can have it rented and it will pay for its own or even more. Just like the other investments, there are options when it comes to types of property investments. You can invest in residential, commercial, or industrial that is profitable when managed & marketed right. 

Not sure which investment is right for you? Make sure be well read and do your research on life insurance, UIFT, or real estate property investments. Investing may be a big leap for you but it’s a leap to make your money work for you! You may contact our Filipino Homes Agents for help, We can offer you all of this options.