8 What Not to Miss When in Surigao

Surigao City, just like any city in Mindanao offers a lot of natural wonders. From beaches to mountains and caves, Surigao City has it all. Many people thought that when you mention Surigao, we are talking about waves in Siargao or that waterfalls in Surigao del Sur.  There are a lot of places and things in a city that are not really visited by the touring public. These are not yet disturbed or commercialized.They haven’t gained the love from media yet because people were not talking about it just yet.

Here are 9 other things you can do and or visit in Surigao City;Mapawa Cave

  1. The cave is located in  Mapawa, Surigao City. Reachable either by renting a pedicab or habal-habal. Register in the barangay and pay for the cave entrance & registration fee. For a minimal fee you can hire a cave guide and rent out caving gears like hard hats or helmets, headlights and/or flashlights.

  2. Zaragoza Rock Formations

    Photo from TripAdvisor

    Zaragoza Rock Formations is a natural rock formation which is visible along the shoreline of “Tamyajag” of Barangay Zaragoza. Historically, this place is a burial ground of the early inhabitants of the surrounding islands. This natural attraction can be reached by motor boat approximately 40 minutes from the seaport of Surigao city.

  3. Battle of Surigao Strait Museum

    Photo by: Suroysuanoy

    The museum houses a number of artifacts and World War II memorabilias which was recovered from sunken warships and other vessels along the Surigao waters. Treated with utmost respect in honor for those who have faught for the greatest naval battle ever recorded in modern time, the Battle of Surigao changed the course of the Pacific war. (www.surigaocity.gov.ph)

  4. Alingkakajaw Island

    Fullscreen capture 7142016 121508 AM.bmp

    Alingkakajaw Island consists only of exquisite white sand and lush greens, comparing it to the rocky feature of its neighboring islands. Approaching the site the image that appears is that of a resplendent blend of emerald and white emerging from the immaculate azure waters.

  5. Punta Buluarte

    Photo by Panoramio

    Punta Baluarte is about an hour away from the City proper. It is a hill overlooking the town and the surrounding waters and islands. They created a  replica of a castle of what used to be observatory to preserve its history.

  6. Manjagao Mangrove Forest

    Manjagao Mangrove Forest is a fish sanctuary. It can be enjoyed by the tourists or visiting locals by riding a paddle boat and paddle around the area. Next to it is Day-asan Floating Village.

  7. Sibale Beach

    Sibale Beach Surigao

    Photo from Flicker

    Sibale Beach  is just few minutes away from the famous Zaragoza rock formation. Many families visit here because of its 2 kilometer white sand beach. This place is accessible by paddle boats or a 5 minute motorized banca away from Brgy Zaragoza.

  8. Sukailang Falls

    Sukailang waterfalls is located at baranggay Sukailang, Surigao City. It has a height of 50 feet. Sukailang falls is 30 minutes away from the city proper and can be reached by renting a motorcycle or habal-habal or take a jeepney. From the drop off point, you’ll have to walk for 20 minutes to reach the waterfalls.

You see there’s a lot more Surigao City can offer.  Mindanao as a whole is a gift and a true island adventure.

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