Where to Pay Your Bills Under Enhanced Community Quarantine

During these trying times, it is best to always be on top of our financial obligations even when we are staying at home. While most banks, utility services, insurance companies, schools, and government offices have offered grace periods and dissolved late payment fees in light of the health crisis, it is still best to pay our monthly dues when we are able to so it won’t pile up. How do we pay our bills while practicing social distancing and not going out of the home? Below are where you can pay your bills from water to electricity utilities to real estate, bank loans and insurance premiums at the comforts and safety of your home.

Service Providers Website or Mobile App

Most of the top service providers in the Philippines are already online and mobile ready. You can easily download their app and pay via the mobile app itself or visit their website and use their payments systems there. the payment system is pretty straight forward but you do need to have the details from your old bills to access the details of your account if you haven’t activated paperless billing yet. If you’re not comfortable paying directly through their payment systems, you can choose other payment portals instead.
Meralco Online
PLDT Pay Express

Online or Mobile Banking Services

Almost all banks have already embraced online and mobile banking. These includes servicing their clients needs to pay their utilities online.

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Online Bills Payment via Unionbank

Bayad Center Online

Bayad Center is the country’s pioneer and leader in the outsourced payment collection industry. They have thousands of payment centers and kiosks all over the country but during the community quarantine you can still use their services by using the Bayad Center Online through their mobile app.

Bills Payment services

GCash or Paymaya

You can also pay for your utility bills, credit cards, taxes, and insurance fees, and more! on mobile apps like GCash & Paymaya. There are a good number of lifestyle & financial services from real estate and bank loans, to insurance policy payments, government services, water and electricity payments and so much more. They have nearly thousands of billers from Metro Manila to almost all provinces in the country. If you can not find online payment for any bills you have – try GCash or Paymaya! You can easily scroll to see if you can pay your financial obligations with little to no additional service fees.

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Shoppee & Lazada

For prepaid cards and loads like Meralco Kuryente Load, Cignal and more, you can purchase these at Shoppee & Lazada. There are a couple of shops that sells these digital items which you can easily avail.