10 Balcony Garden Ideas for Tight Spaces

This pandemic has had nearly everyone nest really hard and worked on transforming spaces within the home. Many have learned to embrace their inner plant mom (or dad!) selves. If you are hesitant to join the plant party because of space issues, know that you don’t need a yard or a large wide area to live the garden life. Your balcony can hold more plants than you think. Check out these cozy balcony garden ideas that you can use for your tight condo balcony:

1. Plants in little pots

Using different plants in small pots can help you fill your space neatly. Whether it is flowering plants, herbs, or vegetables that you want on your balcony, little pots can make your balcony less cramped.

2. Use ladder planters

Make use of the vertical space in your balcony and install a ladder-style planter. This can help make your balcony feel lush and green but not overcrowded. You can grow herbs and stack them instead of spreading them across your balcony floor.

3. Add a living wall

Another way to maximize your vertical space is to utilize your balcony wall. This makes a gorgeous statement piece for your space and provides you the greenery you need.

4. Add a comfy chair

Add a comfy chair to your balcony, and you can have a space to enjoy the glorious view of the city. It’s a perfect spot for relaxing with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!) and a good book as well.

5. Add a string of lights

A string of bulbs can help make your balcony look really great at night.

6. Use the balcony ledges

Balcony ledges provide extra space for growing your small garden. 

7. Hang up your plants

Hang up your pots for a less invasive yet still quite divisive privacy screen for your balcony.

8. Add a hammock

For a more relaxing vibe, add a hammock, and transform your balcony into a cozy reading nook.

9. Greenhouse in the balcony

If you are up for a DIY project, consider building a greenhouse for your balcony.

10. Use varied pot sizes and plant types

Minimalists can also keep balcony gardens. A few carefully curated pots and plants can make a huge difference and still bring green into your space.