10 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

What better way to enjoy nature than inside your home? If you live in a condo or an apartment, then you probably have limited space. However, with some creative indoor gardening ideas, overcoming this problem becomes easier. Here are some ideas:

1. Minimalist vibes

If you’re going for a minimalist feel in your home, you might not want a lot of plants covering your flooring and other surfaces if your home is meant to have a minimalist feel. Instead, try adding a single piece of greenery; when placed in the ideal location, it may bring a touch of elegance without overdoing it to any space.

2. Home Office Garden

Whether it’s a stylish workplace or a spacious study, there’s always potential for improvement in our WFH spaces. It’s always a great idea to introduce greeneries. This also helps alleviate your stress.

3. Hanging Herb Garden

This is a great idea if you love cooking. You have access to a fresh herb garden, and you’ll be inspired to cook delicious meals. You don’t even have to give up any counter space with a hanging arrangement like this to develop a modest herb collection. Even better, you’ll get to save cash.

4. Small Terrarium Garden

An indoor garden doesn’t have to be extravagant or take up a lot of room. It only takes a few glass display cases and a few of your favorite succulents or air plants to create a miniature plant ecosystem.

5. Mini Succulent Garden

You have space for an indoor garden if you have a little unoccupied spot. Here’s a little succulent collection that fits into a tiny house but still offers a boost of greenery.

6. Floating Shelf Garden

You may exhibit plants from floor to ceiling using floating shelves. Plants may be arranged according to how much light they prefer or even rotated as necessary to keep them healthy.

7. Bathroom Indoor Garden

Are you sure you have absolutely no space for an indoor garden? Whether you place a couple on a shelf, hang one from the ceiling, or hang one from the shower head, your bathroom may be a beautiful place for plants (or all the above).

8. Propagation Wall

If you’ve begun collecting cuttings of your favorite plants because you’re in full plant parent mode, put them in a stylish wall display until they need to be potted.

9. Planter Divider

You may also design a room divider that doubles as a planter to provide your space with both seclusion and a small garden.

10. Clothing Rack as a Vertical Garden

If you’re not the DIY kind, a clothing rack with hanging plants would work just as well.