5 Inspiring Living Room Makeovers

Ever have the urge to update your living space, but just thinking of the work required is daunting enough? Here are some before-and-after photos that will make breaking a sweat totally worth it. Check out this list of living room makeovers to inspire you to have your own gorgeous space.

Bold and Bright Living Room

From a somewhat basic and dark living room, it transformed into a bright and bold space that matches the owner’s colorful personality. Read more about the DIY makeover here.

What was done:

  • Changed the white drapes with fun colored curtains, and added shutters to the windows to help control the sunlight
  • Reupholstered the ottoman
  • Changed the sofa and added a side table
  • Updated the photo wall

Makeover Result

Updated Home Office / Family Room

From a space with furniture pieces that did not go well together, this living room is transformed into a family room that doubles as a home office. The updated space looks and feels larger with a cohesive design. Details here.

What were done:

  • Moved the bookcase in front of a window
  • Painted the walls with a deep navy hue
  • Replaced the furniture with pieces that actually work for space

Makeover Result

Weekend-able Living Room Media Shelves

This is an interesting DIY project that can be completed on a weekend (or maybe two if you’re inexperienced). Maximize the wall space around the TV by building some shelves. Follow the step-by-step tutorial here.

Sitting Nook

Every corner counts. Why not set up a sitting nook in your living area? This is an amazing makeover project.

What were done:

  • Painted the walls a lighter shade
  • Updated the furniture
  • Added a photo wall as an accent

Accent Wall

This is an inspiring low-cost living room makeover. From what looked like two newlyweds that moved a bunch of hand me downs into a house,  this corner now feels more like home. Details about this makeover here.

What were done:

  • Added a rustic wood accent wall where the TV is attached
  • DIY simple and cheap shelving using white-painted boards and metal brackets
  • Added accent chairs for a pop of color
  • Added some curtains and curtain rods
  • Rug and accessories to complete the farmhouse living room look

These are just some simple makeover projects that you can do in your own living room to turn it from drab to fab. Which ones are you doing soon?