7 Real Estate Content Ideas for Your Blog

In today’s digital age, a real estate blog is an essential marketing strategy for any real estate professional. Not only does keeping a professional blog attract more potential customers, but it can also help you gain better skills and knowledge, attract local leads, and build your credibility online. 

But still, many fail to recognize its benefits and end up not getting leads. Since most agents find it difficult to come up with new, interesting topics for a real estate blog.

If you’re passionate about blogging or starting a real estate blog or channel, we’ve compiled the top real estate blog ideas to help keep your content powerful and ahead of the game!

Here are 7 Real Estate Blog Content Ideas For Agents

#1 Local Area Properties

The best way to begin building your real estate blog is writing about local properties. Check available properties at Filipino Homes here. In this way, you’re building a connection with your local area and being visible to them. 

Moreover, put together some lists of the most-affordable or best-valued properties that are currently available. You can also write about local events in your area and advertise upcoming events. This can help you build a solid fan base.

#2  Housing Trends

Talk about how the housing industry is currently doing, what are the trends in home sales, and if it’s worth buying or selling a house at the moment especially that we are under a global pandemic. These contents will give your readers a much better understanding of real estate.

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#3 Home Design and Renovation Advice

With most of us getting stuck at home due to quarantine, there is a growing popularity of people being keen on home renovation and home design. This could be taken at your advantage to produce blog articles about these topics. You can give honest home renovation tips, interior and exterior decorating trends and best practices. Besides, you can also share your personal take as a real estate professional as someone who has worked in the industry for quite some time. 

#4 Interviews with Industry People

If you think you don’t have much knowledge about a specific topic yet, then why not ask other professionals or notable people in the industry to share their insights and expertise. Many of them would be happy to chat with you. 

You can also ask your readers or followers beforehand if they have questions they wanted to ask about or find confusing. In this way, you’re bridging the gap between your readers to the industry professionals, allowing both parties to learn mutually. 

#5 Frequently Asked Questions and Home Buying Tips

Following the marketing funnel, your blog should educate and inform your general audience about your specific market. These contents can help your readers and followers to understand the industry basics especially those who are still deciding whether to buy or list.

Outline the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) or popular topics that you have noticed that people usually overlook when buying, selling, or renting properties. Giving these tips will make your audience understand their specific situation, and will allow them to make a more informed decision in the future. 

#6 Client Testimonials

Not to brag, but one great way to build your credibility as well and demonstrate your track record is to have content based on current and former clients you’ve worked with. These can be through a form of direct quote from Facebook or chat, video, or voice recording, it can be a powerful addition to your real estate blog.

Furthermore, using these testimonials in longer-form blog entries or case studies that expound upon your clients’ contentment with your work can act as social proof for future transactions. 

#7 Your Personal Story

Lastly, your real estate blog is the perfect place to get a little bit personal and share your journey! You can share your story like how you started. What have you learned in your journey both personally and professionally? Who are the people you;ve worked with? Why should they work with you? And what can you share about the real estate industry that your readers could apply to their own lives.

It’s important that you let them understand and process who you are as a person. Because you don’t know, you’re inspiring them in one way or another. And your story might also be one of the most important selling tools you have.

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