7 Wall Christmas Tree Ideas You Should Try for Your Small Space This Year

We’re halfway through September! For us Filipinos, the beginning of “ber” month signals the fast-approaching Christmastime. It’s time we start thinking of Christmas decorations. If you don’t have room for a traditional Christmas tree, a wall Christmas tree might be for you! This DIY project is a smart way to get the effect of having a Christmas tree in your home without having the bulk of one. Here are some ideas for wall-mounted Christmas trees using garlands, strings, fairy lights, washi tapes, or even family photos.

1. Wall-mounted Christmas tree

If you are interested in a wall Christmas tree that really looks and feels like a traditional Christmas tree but doesn’t take much floor space, then this DIY project is for you. It is easy to put up, has a 3-dimension feel, and it’s something your kids or furbabies can topple over.

Tutorial here: Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

2. Ornament tree wall 

You can go the minimalist route and create a Christmas tree on a wall using Christmas ornaments and nothing else. Love the ombre effect of this one!

Tutorial here: Ornament Wall Tree

3. Christmas Light Christmas Tree 

Here’s another easy and festive idea to try: Simply shape and tape a strand or two of fairy lights to the wall.

Tutorial here: Fairy lights wall Christmas tree

4. Kid-Friendly Christmas Tree 

If you have kids, then space probably isn’t your primary issue when putting up a Christmas tree. Some kids just need their own tree to play with. This felt Christmas tree is perfect for families with kiddos.

Tutorial here: Kid-friendly felt Christmas tree

5. Photo Christmas Tree

At a time when reunions are uncertain considering possible travel restrictions, a more personalized Christmas tree with photos of people you care about is a great idea. Here’s how to make this:

Tutorial here: Photo Christmas tree

6. Washi Tape Christmas Tree

This is also another great idea to have a Christmas tree using washi tapes. Washi tape is a Japanese tape often used to decorate planners, journals, packages, etc. It peels off quite easily making this an ideal material for the walls. You can go with a colorful holiday palette or go minimalist with metallic washi tape like this:

Tutorial here: Washi tape Christmas tree

7. String Art Christmas Tree

If you’re up for a string art on your wall, this one is a good alternative Christmas tree. You can use Christmas cards or photos as ornaments. You’d need clear hooks, colored yarn or string, scissors, ruler, pencil, and small pegs.

Tutorial here: String art Christmas tree and card display