Real Estate 101 (179)

Benefits of Renting

While there are some renters who view renting an apartment/condominium or a house as a failure, there are others who see the benefits there are to be gained from renting a property as opposed to purchasing a property. Some of the benefits of renting include … >>>READ MORE

Apartment Hunting Tips for Renters

Apartment hunting can be very daunting for some potential renters. Often the variety of options available to these renters is a source of overwhelming frustration for the renters. With so many appealing options it can be difficult to choose just one. However,>>> READ MORE

Why You Should Invest on UptownCommunities?

Buying a home but not sure where to buy one? There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing your forever home. One of the important consideration before architecture, facilities or interiors is the location of the home. One of the trends in homebuying is purchasing a home is finding a property in elevated […]

When Do You Need SPA or Special Power of Attorney?

Selling a home is a meticulous task. But it does not have to be tough even if you’re not around to supervise it and to see into the legalities of the paperworks of the sale. The Philippine law, with certain conditions, allows sale of property even if you are in a different city or country from […]

Qualities That Make a Good Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to buy or sell a property, you will need a good real estate agent or a realtor in that journey. Forgoing a partnership with a real estate agent not only saves you a lot of time and effort but also allows you to gain significant insights that can help you navigate your […]

How to bid or buy a PAG-IBIG Acquired or Foreclosed Property this Pandemic

With the Philippine real estate boom, there are a lot of options for property investments. Prices are high nowadays and some homebuyers consider getting foreclosed properties for better deals and purchase a property for a lesser price. Foreclosed Properties are acquired properties being sold by the lending institution or bank to recover the defaulted loan […]

Can a Former Filipino with acquired foreign citizenship buy a property in the Philippines?

A good number of Filipinos work and live abroad. A good percentage of them find that living in the foreign country is good for their family and eventually consider acquiring citizenship in that country. But what if that person is still interest in purchasing property n the Philippines. Does the former Filipino has the right […]

Who Inherits the Property of a Filipino with an Acquired Foreign Citizenship?

What happens to the rights of a Filipino who acquired foreign citizenship? Will he or she lose his or her rights as a Filipino? How will it affect their rights in land ownership and property acquisition in the Philippines? A Former Filipino is a Filipino who, after several years of working and living in a […]