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3 Ways To Help Your Child Buy A Home While On A Budget

Offering assistance when gifting a down payment might not be possible I have been receiving emails and messages in our Facebook pages about parents mostly mothers who wish their child can already buy a home for their own family. Some would request for assistance on how their child can actually afford a property they find […]

Why OFWs should take advantage of attending Philippine Property Roadshows?

Filipino Homes often hosts Philippine Property Roadshows outside the country. It is one way of letting our overseas Filipino Workers know about the latest developments and projects on going and coming in the Philippines. It is also one way of letting them know how good the economy of the Philippines today. Filipino homes, provide them […]

How can a foreigner buy a Property in the Philippines?

Can a foreigner buy a property in the Philippines? Yes, but with restrictions. Buying a property in the Philippines is possible for a non-Filipino however there are limitations as to what property and how much a non-Filipino can buy. Their ownership is not absolute and subject for restrictions. According to the Philippines Anti-Dummy Law, Foreigners […]

Why You Should Care About The Properties of Your Deceased Parents?

The death of a family member is a difficult time for anyone; most specially if it is our parents. One of the last thing you want to think about are the practical and legal steps you need to prepare. One of the legal process that you may work on in the event of a deceased […]

What you should do before buying a resell property?

Are you planning to buy a property and wondering if it would be better to buy a new home or an old house? There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a new home, one of that is either to buy a newly constructed home from developer or buy an old property from […]

What is Pagibig Overseas Program (POP)

What is Pag-Ibig Overseas Program?

PAG-IBIG | Why is my property tagged as foreclosed?

PAG-IBIG Fund is a government-mandated Home Development Mutual Fund, that gives its contributing members the power to finance their home purchase at a more affordable rate, as compared to the rates offered by real estate developers and banks. This gives every Filipino an opportunity to own a home without having to pay in bulk amount and […]

Are Real Estate Developers Allowed to Collect Fees for Community Benefit?

The answer is NO. But why are we paying for additional fees and maintenance in condominiums and subdivisions? If you count to check your receipts or invoice the monthly dues that you are paying for are from Homeowners Association Fees. Homeowners Association is a community built organization, created and governed by homeowners or co-owners of […]