Real Estate 101 (119)

4 Effective Ways To Sell Your Property Listing: Tips For Real Estate Agents

Philippines real estate is on steady growth, the property market is not showing signs of another downturn so far, although we are experiencing low inventories lately. And though some countries are experiencing an oversupply of available properties, stagnating prices, and increasing “days on market” the PH market is still competitive in a sense that new […]

10 things you need to understand RESA Law

What are the 10 most important things you need to know about the RESA Law or RA 9646? Are you currently involved in what is considered to be real estate services? If so, your official acts and transactions are covered by Republic Act No. 9646 or the Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines, which […]

How to Help Homebuyers Find Their Dream Property in Time of Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has caused the crash in the stocks market, closing off businesses, loss in income and job securities. How do a real estate broker or agent make the best out of the current crisis? Update your online listings Most people are in their homes right now and have plenty of time in their […]

Five Basic Requirements When Buying a Property

Pick one and pay, how we wish it was just that easy, but the reality is, buying a house needs to be done legally. I often get complaints about the requirements a client must prepare when buying a home. Whether it’s a house and lot or a condominium that you wish to purchase in the Philippines, you will be required to gather these things and provide to the developer.

Top 3 Investments to Make This Year!

The start of the new decade is a great opportunity to make wise decisions and make the next few years count. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you have already established a career and/or may have enough money to set aside and wondering how to make money work for you. There […]

Property Ownership | Before, During and After Marriage

How does the change in marital status affect property ownership?  Will property acquired or purchased before marriage be considered conjugal property after marriage? Can a spouse sell or transfer property ownership without the consent or knowledge of the other? To answer those questions, the two property regimes can guide owners, sellers, and buyers how marital […]

Are You Financially Ready to Buy A House?

Buying a property whether an investment move or building a home for your family is a huge move that will affect your finances. It is something to be planned or well-thought of before making the decision. You need to be financially ready to take on the financial responsibility that comes when buying a home Are you […]

Avoid Legal Battles over Agent/Broker Commissions

Clearly spelling out the terms of agreement is the first rule for owners and brokers. This is the best way to prevent litigation.