Real Estate 101 (164)

How to become a Rent Manager

What is a Rent Manager? Rent Manager is a registered trademark under the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of the Philippines complied and filed by A certified Rent Manager is a professional real estate practitioner who has successfully completed the Rent Manager Program. READ: Offers Online Program to Become a Certified Rent Manager How […]

Unlawful Detainer | When a Lessee is Unable to Pay Rent

A property offered for lease is generally seen as income generating property. The property owner has invested on buying or building that property to have it rented. So what happens when a lessee or renter is unable to pay rent? The term UNLAWFUL DETAINER refers to the conduct of a lessee who is in possession […]

Divorce and Conjugal Property Ownership for Filipinos

Divorce is the most common option for married individuals who want to separate or break their marital bond. Next to Vatican City, only one country does not recognize divorce, it is the Philippines. And while this is the absence of divorce in the country is somewhat workable for some Filipinos, it is burden for others.  […]

Real Estate Salesperson | Do we have the right to choose a real estate broker?

Are you a real estate salesperson or are you planning to get into a real estate career? The first step to a successful real estate career is to make sure you are making the right decisions. Since selling real estate property without a real estate broker license is prohibited by the Philippine Law, you are […]

Will & Testament | Why is it important?

You might have heard some families after each others neck after the loss of a parent or a relative because of whom the properties go to. It is not always a good scenario and it can cause rift within the family. Making sure that there won’t be any conflict to arise within one family after […]

Pre-nuptial Agreement | Why is it important?

Marriage is one of the most important and eventful milestone in one’s life. A couple’s union is not limited to the marriage contract signed but also in their goals & dreams, in finances & properties. When they say “two becomes one” in marriage, the same is true with the assets and properties owned by these […]

Choosing the Best Type of Condo Unit for You

Young adults these days are slowly moving into adulthood and experiencing independence to certain degrees. One of which is moving out of the “nest” to live closer to the workplace and also to be independent in both finances and survival. There’s nothing more than moving out from your parents condo buying/renting that screams out independence.  […]

How to Apply for Registration of Real Estate Broker (DHSUD)

In November 2020, the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD, formerly HLURB) has started to accommodate annual renewal for registration of real estate brokers and salespersons.  Here is the application process: Step 1. Prepare the requirements. Signed and filled out Application for Registration of Real Estate Broker. Two (2) 2×2 colored pictures; one […]