Homebuyer Tips: 5 Facebook Groups for Home Design Inspiration

Designing and decorating your own home is a fun and exciting experience, but it can be a little overwhelming. Whatever project you’re working on in your house, you know you want it to stand out, but you’re not sure how to do it. We’re here to help by pointing you to Facebook groups that can give you home design inspiration. Here are 5 of the best FB groups to get you started on your interior design project.

Home Buddies

Home Buddies is perhaps one of the most popular Facebook groups of home enthusiasts in the Philippines. This group was created “to be a safe space for home enthusiasts to share inspiration, tips, experiences, finds, and everything in between.” With 3 million members as of writing, you will surely find some ideas that will work for you (and your budget!).

Tiny House and Small Space Living

If you prefer a less crowded group and are more interested in tiny house living, the group Tiny House and Small Space Living is for you.  If you’re embracing a minimalist lifestyle, you may get some design ideas from members who are living in tiny and container houses. There are lots of recommendations for decors and furniture that are multi-functional and space-saving.

Home Design PH ( Native & Modern House)

For homeowners who are interested in modern bahay-kubo concepts, the Home Design PH (Native & Modern House) Facebook group may be a good fit. The admin and members share low-cost home design ideas that are perfect as farmhouses in a rural area. The posts will also give you an idea of the approximate cost of building your own modern bahay-kubo.

Minimalist & Nordic Home Decor PH

If you’re looking for minimalist and Nordic home decor ideas, this Facebook group is for you. There are sellers, suppliers, and retailers in this space. You’ll surely get some budol-worthy finds.

Living In A Tiny House Philippines

A relatively small (and quiet) group on tiny living is the Living In A Tiny House Philippines Facebook group. Though it has only around 4,000 members, you will never fall short of inspiration. Members share their experience with tiny living as well as curate design ideas you can re-create in your own home.